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This Wolfman is junk! no, wait...

I wasn’t aware that there are different blue box Platinums. What‘s the diff?
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Reread the OP's post. I had a similar experience with my RR GC SB .84. I was surprised at how harsh the shave was and I didn't enjoy it at all. I was very disappointed with the new razor, but figured I would have a better experience on the next outing. So, the next shave I grabbed the GC again and, sure enough, same thing...harsh. I then realized that this wasn't the razor at all, but the handle I had paired it with. The top of the handle that screwed into the groove of the base plate was too wide for the bottom of the base plate to fit flush and, consequently, it wasn't tightened down properly which in turn created a much wider gap than was intended for the design. Needless to say, I changed that handle right quick!
When I was in the Army and we'd load onto the birds for a jump, we were crammed in like sardines. In each seat was a manila envelope type thing with printed black letters outside that read, "Even veteran paratroopers experience occasional motion sickness." We called it a barf bag. For my remaining enlisted years and even up until now, that phrase became a bit of a joke and catch-all saying to be made anytime we made a dumb mistake. Moments like today... even veteran wet shavers experience occasional bad shaves.

I've been trying out two new DE blades, the Timor - which has been quite nice - and also the SuperMax Diamond Platinum which was my choice for the past 3 days. Yesterday I used my Lupo 95 but this afternoon I switched the blade to my newer Wolfman WR1 that I obtained through a trade on BST.

This was a faster pre-work shave, not a slower day off I-have-time-to-stop and investigate shave but I'm thinking, "man, this shave is rough and brutal, what is going on?" So I endured my two passes and after rinsing off my face, I noticed maybe 2 or 3 weepers on my neck. Is this blade that bad in the WR1 when it works fine in the Lupo which is supposedly based on the WR1. It was one of my worst shaves ever. So...

I disassemble and clean my razors after each shave and also use a little nylon washer between baseplate and handle. As I'm screwing the handle off the Wolfman and remove the blade, I notice 2 nylon washers on the towel. That's when my lightning fast, bear-trap of a mind remembered placing a washer in between the empty Wolfman cap and plate the last time I stored it to prevent scratches. When I loaded the blade on to the cap, the washer was stuck to the baseplate and I ended up shaving with cap/blade/washer/baseplate then washer/handle. I know, right?

I'm not smart enough to understand the technical aspects of what was going on during the shave but my Scottish DNA compels me to believe all the little blade edge fairies were highly upset with my idiocy and were taking it out on my face and neck. So I guess the Wolfman gets another chance tomorrow or perhaps the day after... I need a chance to heal.

Feel free to share similar experiences so I won't feel like the only dummy on this forum. 😜
Lesson learned, I'm sure.
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