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I decided to make a brush for my adult step son. He currently uses an Art of Shaving 34 mm Badger Silvertip and likes it. He is a big guy, so I thought he would enjoy a larger brush so I ordered a tall ivory colored handle 30 mm handle and a separate 30 X 80 mm Silvertip Knot from Whipped Dog and I put them together this weekend. While I had the epoxy together I gathered up some other knots and handles and put them together too.

As I reached up for my own 30 mm X 80 mm brush to compare it with the new one, the knot fell out. I had a tall handle available that had a coin glued in crooked that didn't want to come apart. I was able to steam it out so I put the knot into the tall handle. I'll post about my experience with the steam on another post.


The new brush is on the left along with a carrying case for it. I was able to set it right at 70 mm loft. On the right is my old knot with the salvaged handle next to the handle it cam out of. I was able to set it at 69 mm loft just like before. Next to it is the handle that it came out of. I'm very happy to have been able to same the knot as it is the nicest of all of my 30 mm brushes, even nicer than my Kent BK12. Backbone is about the same as the Kent, but it has a both a softer face feel and a higher loft.


Here is another shot of the two from the top. The new brush has been test lathered and allowed to dry so it shows more bloom than the old one that hasn't been used for a month or so. In many ways the two are very comparable. The new one has a nice face feel than another 30 mm Whipped Dog Silvertip I put together for a step grandson a few months ago. The new one is close to my old one.


Here is all the new ones together. The new big one on the left, a 20 mm Silvertip in a Lucite handle with a red painted socket in full bloom, two 20 mm Finest in slightly different faux horn handles, and a 22 mm synthetic. Both of the faux horn brushes haven't been bloomed yet. The synthetic is from a different vendor than I usually use and I think it is too stiff. All the others should make wonderful gifts. The synthetic will be OK for someone that likes loads of backbone.

I really enjoy this hobby.
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