This isn't excessive at all

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  1. Need more soaps! Blades, too.
  2. Nice collection! I see enough empty shelf space...
  3. There are worse things you could be spending money on ;)
  4. Nope, that's not excessive. In fact, some who are trying to pare down their den would consider that going too far!
  5. Hmmm sounds like it is almost Goldilocks.
  6. DEPenguin

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    I wholeheartedly applaud the cleanliness and organization! But that soap tub does look a tad lonely. He needs a few friends . . . and those razors might enjoy the company of some blade choices. Not enabling, just sayin' . . .

    Okay, maybe enabling just a smidge.
  7. Oh. A minimalist!
  8. Hahahahaha! Perfect.
  9. Call 911 you’ve obviously been burglarized!
  10. ajkel64

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    Nice shelf, did you make it yourself?
  11. Plenty of space to fill out your collection!! :a14::a14:
  12. Where are the other 50 artisan soaps?
  13. very minimalist.....if you have tried a wide range of soaps, razors, blades and have found what works best for you thats great......if not you may be missing the best shaves of your life by not exploring what is out there.
  14. Nice starter kit!

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  15. Need more soap.
  16. Too many brushes :)
  17. Brush-heavy travel kit!
  18. Fatboy

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