This is why I change my own oil...

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    Thanks for posting the source. Just a few minutes from my house. Im going to run down and get one just so I have it. Ive been in that situation before. I ended up cutting the baseplate with a chisel then removing the filter adapter.
  1. Ya got lucky!
  2. :thumbsup:
  3. Incompetence is almost excusable
    However the amount of fibs told in the auto industry is in a class by itself.
    I had an audi service department tell me i needed 2 front tires at a service. I said thanks for the info but no thanks. I checked them after i left and sure enough they were right. Later Google took me over to a firestone that had the tires at about 50% less. There however the store "manager" gave me bs that i was required to change all 4 tires or i would blow the transmission and void the car warranty. He would not take no for an answer until i said 2 tires or no tires!
  4. Lol yeah I’ve heard that one before...good thing for the internet these days, at least people can do a little research beforehand so they won’t get screwed. I feel bad for the elderly who go to these service places and are convinced by the “service manager” that if they don’t immediately spend $1000 on random maintenance crap, their car will burst into flames.
  5. Having the break fluid drained and replaced is another good one
    Im almost certain they never actually do that when they make that scare tactic sale
  6. Yep, transmission flush and coolant flush are other common ones. If only people knew that flushing those systems under pressure is terrible for the car..only a drain and fill is needed 99% of the time, and that’s every 60,000 miles, if that.
  7. FWIW, per BMW our E46 requires brake fluid flush every other year and coolant flush every 3 years, regardless of mileage. It gets done, by yours truly.

    Cabin filter is another common Grease & Lube up-sell...
  8. I had some dumb a** try to sell me a cabin filter, he said mine was dirty. I told him to show me. My vehicle doesn’t employ a cabin filter lol...he had to look that one up:001_302:
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    I've had a car that I held for a long time with never flushing out the old brake fluid.
    As a result one of the brake calliper was not releasing. This was due to the brake fluid being a hygroscopic fluid, thus absorbing moister, it rusted the inside of the calliper piston.

    Just draining the radiator in some cars only replaces around 50% of the coolant, as the remaining volume is retained in the block.
    You could either find the sump drain procedure (my last car was the knock sensors) or fill the radiator with clean water, run the car till the thermoset opens, let the car cool, drain. Do this many times until the coolant is clear.
    Sure you could just drain, replace what you remove and be better than when you started but to me that's only getting half the benefit of a full fluid change.

    The auto is similar with only getting about 50% from just drain it, the rest is left in the torque converter.
  10. Brake fluid usually gets moisture in it if there is a leak in the system, so yes, you would have to change it. As far as the coolant and transmission , there are other places where the majority of the fluid can be drained out, however some cars (especially new ones) make it a PITA for sure.
  11. Also, changing the auto transmission fluid in an older car that hasn’t had it changed in a very long time is not a good idea. The new fluid can actually make the transmission slip if it is old and worn.
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    You should have tried inventing curse words that would move the filter a few millimetres.
  13. Yeah, my hot air didn't really help:117:

  14. I've tried that (my wife has actually said to me "I think you just made up some new curse words!"). Usually results in the task at hand only getting more difficult. What's worked for me, surprisingly often, is walking away, taking a breather then trying agin. For some reason that stubborn part that wouldn't budge with a 4ft cheater bar an hour ago comes right out no problem.

    It's the universe...
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    The breather probably gets you to stop muttering "lefty tighty, righty loosey".
  16. My buddy has a really nice garage. He has several tool shaped holes in the wall, however.
  17. I wish more auto manufacturers would do their oil filters like BMW. About 8 years ago, we bought an old '93 BMW 5-series for pretty cheap, for my oldest daughter. That was the easiest car to change the oil in. The filter was in a bowl on top of the engine. While the oil is draining, remove the long center bolt from the upside-down bowl and there's the filter. No oil running down my arm, or dripping all over the place. All the oil drains out of the filter bowl when the engine isn't running. Drop in the new filter, replace a couple of o-rings (included with the filter), drop the bowl back in place and lightly torque the long center bolt. I miss working on that car.
    I don't know if they still build'em like this or not.
  18. Never heard that one before.
    Just wondering why that would be?
    Sounds like a tranny that's on it's way out anyway. Damned if you do...damned if you don't!
  19. I was doing that last night removing a front load washer pump! And dyslexia don't help any. But the War Department was hovering over me, so I couldn't cuss or throw anything.

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