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this is my daily skin regimen to help my acne, any recommendations?

my acne has been getting a lot better but i still get the random mild acne on both sides of my cheek

i wash my face at night with neutrogena clean and clear continuous acne cleanser 10% benzoyl peroxide, then apply a 10% benzaclyin cream prescribed by my doctor

in the morning i wash my face during the shower with neutrogena clean and clear daily pore cleanser

apply a 5% benzoyl peroxide liquid to my face, then a moisturizer which contain salytic acid and then sunscreen

is this more than enuff? i'm not really sure what else i can do besides add a toner
You fail to mention whether your skin is oily or dry. If it is naturally oily, does it become dry after face wash and medication? This info may help someone on this site give you a better recommendation.
What about shaving? If you shave against the grain that can cause acne due to irritation. I'm wondering if that could be the cause of the cheek acne.
I've had adult acne most of my life, on my face, neck and back. I tried just about every treatment I could find, and almost nothing helped.

Recently, I discovered the acne products at www.mariobadescu.com. First of all, I was able to shrink and remove ALL of my pimples overnight. Then, they have a selection of products that aid in reducing and "killing off" my acne on an ongoing basis. Using them, my acne is under control now.

These are top-drawer products from true professionals, and they are expensive, but not as much as many I have seen. Try their acne "repair kit" as I did and see what I mean! Even better, call one of their counselors at the number on the website. They really know what they are doing!

Good luck!

damn i had no idea shaving against the grain could cause acne

*crosses fingers that he won't ever have to do it again with real wetshaving*
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