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This is my 1st brush restore and a few questions

I want to get the handle nice and shiny and it's a bit scuffed up now.

At some point, I will begin polishing with Flitz, but, from what I have read, it seems that I will need to do some sanding 1st, to get it to a polishable point.

I started with 320 grit but it seemed to leave more scratches.
So, do I need to go through a progression of say:
1) 600
2) 1000
3) 2000

Was the 320 too course to begin with ?
Yes, IMO 350 is way too aggresive. On the dozen or so restorations I've done. The most aggressive sandpaper I've used is 4000, I will also use 0000 steel wool. Good luck.
Hi there,

1000 "
1500 "
buff with Scratch Out clear coat scratch remover by Kit

If the handle is translucent then sand through 2500wet then buff.
That handle is modern soft plastic so 320 is a bit rough to start. Just means you need to put more work in to subsequent sandings. For catalin I've used 220 with fine results on badly scratched handles.