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This cologne smells exactly like?

Creed GIT and Davidoff Cool Water may smell somewhat similar. However, I can't say I feel like a million bucks when I wear Cool Water. Just my 2 cents.
I don't smell the similarity at all. I despise Cool Water... It could be the fact that millions of little high school kids would bath in it when it was so popular... ~shrug~
Lucky Scent bills Antico Caruso as the "ultimate" barbershop scent, so I had to try it.

A dead on clone of Le Male from the outset, though in fairness it drys down to a nice sort of smooth almond scent, a bit different than Le Male.
Azzaro Chrome smells very similar to CK One. I wore CK One about 10 years ago. I recently bought a bottle of Azzaro Chrome and my wife and I both commented on how it smelled a lot like CK One.
Quorum, sprayed lightly, smells very similar to Eucris. The main difference is the slight smokiness in Quorum.
This is just from smelling a magazine tab, but Polo Modern Reserve really reminded me of T&H Trafalgar.

And now, I always hated the original Polo. But now that I've noticed the similarity, Trafalgar now reminds me of Polo whenever I wear it. Maybe I enough time has passed that I can go back and try Polo without it reminding me of greased up jocks at the arcade..
I tried a Floris JF for the first time recently. After about 30 minutes of where, I smelled my wrist and immediately was reminded of Creed Green Irish Tweed and Davidoff Cool Water. Mind you, they all three have their own unique differences, but the similarity is unmistakable. My favorite all time scent is Creed Green Irish Tweed. It has a sharpness, crispness, freshness that I find to be more smooth and subdued in the Davidoff and Floris scents.
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