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This cheap, old DE razor did a decent job

Today was Mitchell's Wool Fat day, and, wow, was it soft and creamy. But the story I want to tell is about the razor. I got this at CVS 15-20 years ago. They used to have a row with a DE razor, a pack of DE blades, a brush, and a puck of Williams soap. Now they still have everything but the razor. It was a cheap razor and I used it for years before discovering that there's more to brush-and-soap shaving than just rubbing soap all over your face.

I don't even know what brand it is, but I used it with Mitchell's and a fresh Gillette blade (probably as old as the razor) and it did a decent job. It has a plastic handle and almost no weight, so it's pretty top-heavy. It has a very nice mechanism for changing blades. Right where the handle joins the head, there is a twisty thing that when turned causes the razor to open up like double doors.

Gillette Slim Twist.

I have a BRW custom made from a G-2000 slim twist and it is one I really really enjoy using

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I only have 5 razors accumulated over a ten year period.
1 rocket 8 bucks at an antique mall and my favorite
1 Adjustable black beauty bought for 7.99 it was old stock in a small hick town drug store been hanging there for years
1 40s SS bought at garage sale for 5 bucks. awesome effortless shaver
1 fat handle tech bought on ebay for 6 bucks
1 blackhandle flaretip mint condition buy it now on ebay for 8 bucks. I used it once. Gave it to the wife for a leg shaver

Oh yea I forgot the shaving mug, on old made right brush, a pink lady Gillette and a red point straight I bought at an estate auction for 3 whole dollas Wally. I was the only bidder. lol. Gave the lady Gillette to the wife, threw the brush away, still use the mug and sold the straight to a local collector for 27 dollars.

They ALL shave great but the tech and black flair are a might mild for my taste and I don't use the adjustable much as I never seen the point, It will only shave best on one setting. I refuse to pay these outrageous prices for something that was mass produces by the billions, and are not rare by any stretch. I will find another to add to the herd eventually sometime in my travels. My motto is "Patience young Grasshoppa"
I could not tell you the date codes on any of them, nor do I care.
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