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Third front line brush

Just after a bit of advice on which brush to add to my rotation. I've four at the moment, but only two in regular use -- a Whipped Dog Silvertip with 24mm knot and an Edwin Jagger Best, also with 24mm knot. The EJ is a little bit scritchier, which I like, but both are very effective. The others are a Vulfix 404, which was good for the money but not as nice to use as my top two, and a Muhle Silvertip Synthetic V2 with a medium knot -- I think 22mm. The last feels very nice in use, but I find is just too small for my tastes; I should have bought the larger version.
So, which would complement the WD and EJ brushes? I was thinking of a SOC Boar or a Simpsons X2L, but am open to other suggestions. Any thoughts you have will be most welcome. The x2L is at the top end of what I want to pay.
Cheers all.
SOC Boar would be a good entry into boar and the Simpsons would also be nice. You can always try a 2-band if you face-lather such as the TGN Finest. Too many wonderful brushes out there! Best of luck.
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