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Discussion in 'The Mess Hall' started by psfred, Feb 17, 2019.

    I think I'm going to buy a smoker. I've been using my old Arkla gas grill (with a few modifications) that I got from my brother-in-law some time back in the late 80's, and it's not really adequate.

    The one I've been looking at is the Smoke Hollow 38". Too big really, but it holds a side of ribs complete, don't have to cut them and although I'll probably never do more than two or three at a time, I could also smoke some bacon and canadian bacon at the same time.

    Any suggestions? It's not a "forever" smoker, and I'd probably get some duct board and insulate it sooner or later, but for $200 it seems like a good deal. Propane, of course, and I will be using an Amaz-N smoke generator.

  1. Are you set on it being a gas-based smoker? For a bit more, I'd definitely recommend the Pit Barrel Cooker.
  2. The Knize

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    Sounds good to me, although I have no experience with propane smokers. My propane experience is limited to a regular grill, a batmobile type turkey deep frier burner, and a weed burner torch I used to finish sous vide steaks. I have tried to switch everything to natural gas so as not to have to worry about running out of propane.

    I use a Masterbuilt dorm fridge smoker myself, which I am fairly happy with. I bought the slow smoker add-on fro additional smoke and cold smoking, which seems to work fine.
  3. TexLaw

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    Take my comments for what they are worth, as I've never used a propane smoker, but that does look like a decent cooker for the price.

    As far as it being "too big," though . . . well . . . I'm willing to bet that you find it not big enough before too long. We always want to be able to cook more. :001_cool:
  4. The Knize

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    You should have a look at the reviews on Amazon. The problems cited seem to be in older reviews, so maybe any inherent design problems have been addressed.
  5. I saw the Barrel House cooker/smoker at Wal-Mart, almost got one but decided to look around. The Pit Barrel cooker looked like it was better quality. I will probably go with bhc-14d-vs-18c.jpg Pit-Barrel-Cooker-vs-Barrel-House-Cooker-848x420.jpg The Pit Barrel cooker, It's the one with the horseshoe handle on top.
  6. I'm also going to throw out a Weber Smokey Mountain or WSM for short.

    Agreed on the above question, why do you want to go gas? Not that there is anything wrong with it, just trying to help guide you.
  7. Gas works best for me, charcoal requires too much time (I'm not retired yet!) and I don't have an electrical outlet on the back deck. I already have the propane tanks for grills and beer making, so it's not a big deal.

    The 38" Smoke Hollow has about four times the grid space of the Barrel House smoker, will do eight slabs of ribs at a time (or many more with rib racks), not that I expect to do that many. Mostly bacon and Canadian bacon, ribs, probably a turkey someday. Racks are 23" by 18" I think, and it has sausage hangers that I will probably use too.

    I plan to insulate it eventually using duct board (mineral fiber with aluminum facing) to reduce the heat loss and hence propane use.
  8. Pellet smoker if you haven’t ruled one out. I own a real Weber gas grill that I use for steaks and burgers and such. Anything outside of that goes on the traeger the wife got me last Xmas. I’m 45 and have used just about every style of grill you can dream up from smokers to kettle style to hibachis and can’t believe I didn’t do the pellet set up years ago. Load the hopper, set the desired temp and walk away. There’s nothing better than coming home from a long day at the ballpark on a Saturday and having that pork shoulder falling off the bone with a perfect bark and smoke ring. Chicken, pizzas, burgers, brats all go on the smoker.
  9. Can't seem to find one that fits.
  10. What do you mean?
  11. Want too much. Can't afford it. ABS Pit-Boss
  12. I've had electric, gas and charcoal. The only smoker I have kept is the Weber Smokey Mountain 18 1/2in. The 22in doesn't regulate temperature well for me or a lot of people. I have not tried a pellet smoker. From talking with friends who have them it's more expensive per cook than charcoal. From April through the end of November I'll smoke 3x a week poolside.

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