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    I had similar findings, an efficient razor (like a slant) seemed to help in causing less passes. I appreciate the offer on the futur and I may take you up on that. I decided against the prismatic as the more inspoke about here I remembered my old trials of these two razors and the 37c winning twice. It's kinda sad.... I don't have blades, brush, soap, etc anymore haha. When I went down to the guard then finally the electrics I ended up getting rid of all of my 'stuff' like blades, brushes, and soaps so I've got a maggard cart full of misc items ready to go.

    Thats what I suspected. You get what you pay for these days. Same thing as the RR German 37 vs the merkur 37c: aside from 3pc vs 2pc, you get a very similar feel and result with the RR being a fraction of the price. However not all RR heads are exactly the same and I never had to fiddle with blade exposure in merkur. Sure there are serviceable clones that may leave you happy but you won't touch them once you get your hands on the real thing.
  1. Great suggestions above re choice of razors!

    I would also add that you may be better off going for C&C rather than BBS shaves. Go WTG and/or XTG only. My thought is that going for too close a shave may increase your chance of getting razor bumps!
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    I found the pif "take a razor, add a razor" thread. Here is the link, it may help.

    PIF: Take a razor, add a razor
  3. Using devices like cartridges and electric foils have really changed my idea of what is considered an "adequate" daily shave. I've moved beyond a daily BBS need at this point in my shaving and that's a big reason why I want to revisit them.

    Awesome, thanks!
  4. Funny story and a quick update:

    After all this talk I was craving something even close to a traditional shave. I found an extra safety razor with blades I bought at the dollar store for $1 and never opened. I opened it up, gave it a quick alcohol spray, loaded a blade, and jumped in the shower for a shave (I always used to shower shave) with the only thing I had around... Barbasol original. I only did a two pass, no atg, shave which is not what I used to do. This resulted in a comfortable DFS, with a dollar razor + blade and foam, and no irritation at all. Very good confidence booster for me wanting to get back into DEs. This was this razor's maiden voyage and on literally the last swipe of my two pass shave I dropped it on the floor of my shower which bent the safety bar all outta whack so I retired it. Only $1, don't expect it to take a heavy fall. Finished off with a little witch hazel then some Osage rub and I'm good to go.

    With that being said, I just placed an order with maggard (my preferred shop from my prior DE days). I went with the 37c as I have previously run many razor trials and for me it always came out on top. I got a maggard 22mm synth brush because it's the style I preferred and I got a la toja shave stick because I was a face latherer before and found the mineral salts to really help with neck problems. For blades I went with a time tested favorite for me, Astra SP. I also picked up something new I have had interest in trying: Bic Chrome Platinum. If anyone has any blade suggestions I would appreciate it! I liked blades like Astra SP, gsb, 7oc black, for example.

    Should be here early next week!
  5. For blade suggestions, I would recommend the PolSilver and the Voshkods. I have fairly sensitive skin and a wire like beard that grows fast. These two blades have worked incredibly well for me. Also, I know this may sound counter intuitive but I found that making my shave as simple as possible and switch to medium temp to cool water helped my irritation and ingrown hairs a ton. I now shower, medium to cool water splash on face/neck when I get out. Lather up with a good soap and work the lather into my face/neck a bit with the brush, simple WTG and XTG passes then cold water rinse and go. No pre shave, no aftershave no cleanser or scrub, no nothing else. Honestly cutting out all that other stuff and just doing a basic simple shave and touching my skin less and using soaps with really good post shave has made all the difference :)
  6. A lot of what you mentioned has helped me in the past as well. Not touching my skin and really minimizing post shave ingredients made improvements. I use room temp to cold water because I usually shower shave and usually take room temp to cold showers. I also only use Osage rub due to it's limited ingredients (and scent!) And sometimes some witch hazel.

  7. 30+ razors? You tried that many? I’m surprised that you didn’t give up on all DE razors!
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  8. I basically did haha. I don't remember (nor will list) them all but some highlights include: 5+ different techs, 4+ different superspeeds, 2-3 old types, every PAA razor besides the DOC, every merkur razor besides the adjustables and the travel razors with the fold up pouch, most of the razorock razors, most of the maggard branded razors, and more. I also went through 4 different shavettes and 6-7 different injectors. I gave every razor at least 1 month of use with a few different preferred blades, lathers, and shaving situations (shower, sink, on the road). Out of all of them the only thing that consistently outperformed the rest for me was the 37c and that's why I chose it as my come-back razor.

    Sad part is... That's just hardware. I dont even want to get into my soap, cream, and aftershave trials during that same time.
  9. Minor update: I've been playing with the new gillettse skinguard (another thread going about this) and while I was on the fence at first, if it continues to perform like it did today then I may not even worry about DEs again haha. My other ordered items should be here soon.
  10. If you like the Skinguard then you shouldn't get an aggressive DE. If you still want to play I would suggest a vintage Slim Adjustable razor as an excellent product that can be fine tuned to your needs. And avoid BBS shaves.
  11. I actually had a slim previously and while I loved it I found my ocd caused me to over fiddle with the setting haha. I'll have to pick it up once more. I'm also going to try the guard again, I think if I let my skin get used to blades again then I can start working towards DE as regular shavers.
  12. I just ordered a ‘’ guard ‘’ . Gillette will soon send me one in the mail.
  13. It's hard for anyone to really give you any advice or info you don't know as you've tried so many razors.

    I'm sorta luckier in that I only had my dad's old Gillette English tech to practice on.

    Even though a whole bunch of razors are on their way from slims, to karves and GCs etc, etc, I'm just going to work on technique till I can shave and get BBS every time with the GET.

    So far so good with the exception of the first 3 days when I tried too hard and got some razor burn, I've learned to shave better and better.

    Why not you find a simple razor (one that you can't mess too much with unlike an adjustable) that you know shaves well with and just try different techniques like shallow cap riding or use a smoother blade.
  14. I've been thinking about revisiting a tech, I had a few and always loved their smooth shave but I always fought to get a close shave and dismissed them. I've grown in my shaving mentality and maybe they are worth a revisit. I also really like tto style razors so maybe a mild super speed is in order.
  15. Don't rush and work on technique.
    Mine is an English tech so it's slightly more aggressive than a US slim but even to me it's really mild.

    It was so mild I tried to make it cut better and used an aggressive technique and got razor burn.

    It's when I went slow, respected the razor and didn't try too hard that I got really nice shaves.

    It shouldn't take 4 passes to get bbs I get bbs in 2 when I respect it. However, I don't really like it to be honest, it's too light and the handle too small but makes a great travel razor.

    Try the tech n work on feeling how the head cuts as u test the angles

    Good luck
  16. When someone has swirls, it can take 4 passes for those areas. I can get 1 pass BBS's, except for border areas, which require another pass, and swirls, which require yet another. If I had more than 2 swirls, I could see it taking 4 passes.
  17. Ah good to know. Didn't think of swirls.
  18. Maybe try the new RazoRock Mamba 70.
  19. Op has used 30+ razors so I doubt a razor rock mamba or whatever new will make a huge difference. What really works is getting a good technique.

    A vintage Gillette slim is as good if not better as many newer razors and with the right technique most razors will give bbs after a few tries.


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