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Think I found my new favourite single malt.



Now, keeping in mind, I'm still a bit of a whiskey rookie, but I love that this whiskey is smokey, but also has layers beneath the smoke - I can almost smell the bourbon casks underneath no colour, non-chill filter, which is nice, (I certainly don't mind the straw colour) kind of like a refined more mature (and more complex) Talisker 10.

I'm realizing that while I love bourbons and ryes there are SMS that can really turn my head and this is one of them. Think it's only going to come out on special occasions.
I'm an SMS man, myself with bourbon and rye contending for second place with me. Glenmorangie Nectar D'or is a favorite when I'm not spending bigger. Came across a 19 year old GlenM recently that was fabulous but only briefly available. Elijah Clark 12 is a new favorite in bourbon.

I have to say that the Caol Illa site makes it sound awful!
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