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Things you see without a camera


Yesterday I decided to take the Gator into town to get the mail. While driving back down the trail, a grouse popped up out of the woods and landed on the trail. I slowed to a stop to let him do his thing. Which turned out to be raising his fan, fluffing up his wings, opening his beak and coming at me and the Gator.

I thought you idiot and reached for my phone to snap a photo of a situation that I will never see again. Only to discover that I had left my phone on the island in the kitchen at home. There is now a dent in the steering wheel of my Gator.

Anyone else have a similar story to share?
Why can't they do that when I am grouse hunting? They never make it that easy.

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Yep, come hunting season he will be nowhere to be found. Oh well, it will give me and the dogs something to do looking for him.
I always have my phone. Not because someone might call but to talk pics..

On today's walk down the trail in front of our cabin SWMBO, Pistol Annie, and I came across no less than 10 juvenal Red Efts.

No phone/camera :(

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