Things not to do over 50

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    Who is saying not to exercise? The article only says use caution and common sense. The older we get just modify if needed.
  1. I read Papillon by Henri Charriere in their condensed version. It was so interesting had to get the unabridged book from the library. The book is way better than the movie , one of my favorite stories , supposedly true events.
  2. In keeping with the title of this thread, when considering what not to do when over the age of 50, Red Green said, "Anything with the word "Rollerblades" in it".
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    This is exactly right.
  4. Certainly a caution to consider. At least make sure you have medical coverage.
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    Things not to do over 50?

    ... date teenagers.

  6. Oh . . . Epic Beard Man. Where are you in our time of greatest need? He was not the hero we needed, but he was the hero we deserved.
  7. +1! Yes indeed! :a29:
  8. You show me a publication that's never
  9. Very intelligent point you made!
    Let's Hope some of it rubbs off on
  10. My contribution to this
    decided to change the location of the mail box and put up a new cedar post. Required a sledgehammer.
    ended up doing some light tapping etc holding it with one hand until i felt an odd sensation in my forearm.
    tennis elbow?
    ouch dont do that
    been using ice

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