Things not to do over 50

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    It used to be titled "things to not do over the age of 50" They took some much online flack that they changed the title of the article. Telling people to avoid squats, deadlifts, pushups etc because they're over 50 is still stupid though.
  1. Basically they are talking to people that have not exercised regularly or are new to working out. Granted if your in shape and know your body these exercises would be fine. But someone new to working out and 50 and beyond I think it makes sense. Doctors see many injuries, with people thinking their younger than they are. They are not saying you should not do them , only for some there are better alternatives. Stupid is doing something that can hurt you , and for some these could be problematic.
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  2. It was Readers Digest that was among the first, if not THE first, to publish studies linking smoking to cancer .
    Whilst most of the press were petrified of the subject.
  3. Throw enough rocks you'll eventually have one hit the target, doesn't excuse what the missed ones hit.
  4. Show me someone that’s right 100% of the time.
  5. I wish I had read this article when I was 38! I got a little too ambitious and sloppy on an incline bench press machine and tore something in my shoulder that I still feel when I'm throwing a football or hoisting something heavy.

    I do wonder about the advice re. stretching, though. I do it when I warm up for something strenuous, but it never feels as if it makes much difference for me, and I heard one exercise physiologist question its merit. What have you heard?
  6. Well, I was just heard Bill Burr (interviewed in a Conan O'Brien podcast) express a newfound appreciation for Reader's Digest. Something about it being like a relaxing sanctuary from the edgy, aggressive tone that permeates everything these days. Ironic, coming from Bill Burr!

    Wait... does this mean that Reader's Digest is to publications what safety razors are to shaving?
  7. Not a question of hit or miss. It took considerable journalistic courage, for lack of a better term, to publish the findings to a mass audience whilst the vast majority of outlets wouldn't dare alienate advertisers.
  8. I have heard of some testing done on the merits of stretching before exercising. And they found no difference between stretching and not. Warming up of course is smart . Just that pre workout stretch seems to make no difference.
  9. i would gave responded sooner but i was busy looking up who bill burr is.
    most people today would have to look up readers digest is. Didn't they file for bankruptcy
  10. I just renewed my Readers Digest subscription last month. Very easy reading, actually aquired for my grandson but he has since moved on.
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    The sole item on that list should be "give a damn about what someone tells you that you shouldn't do over 50."
  12. If it causes pain, don't do it or decrease the intensity. If you have pain, rest the area until the pain disappears. That goes for any age.
  13. Two things:
    1) Replying sooner is overrated.
    2) In an increasingly atomized world, the statement "most people would have to look up..." could be said of almost anything.
  14. In my 70's and the only articles I remember reading in RD as a kid were "My Most Unforgettable Character" and the jokes. I never took life seriously after my dad died when I was 9. Under my high school yearbook photo, they posted "Life's a jest and all thing show it. I thought so once, but now I know it". It's been my mantra thru life. Doctors have told me for more than 40 years that my drinking too much, unhealthy eating and not exercising would mean an early death. I guess I'm proof that life is all down to luck and genes.
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  15. I really enjoy reading Reader's Digest.
    Reader's Digest is written using a writing style and language suitable for someone with about a grade 4 education. That's why it's so easy to read. I think it continues to be published for the sole purpose of supplying Doctor and Dentist offices. :)
    See Gunning Fog Index. Gunning fog index - Wikipedia
  16. The current jeopardy champ says he gained knowledge from reading kids books.
    something to that.
  17. When in 5th grade , I had to have reading help . I apparently had a reading interpretation problem. We actually used the Readers Digest as the learning tool. I have been an avid reader of all types of books since.
  18. So basically don’t work out I guess? I’m 46 and lift every other day and it’s the only thing that keeps my bad knee and shoulder in check. When I skip a few days they both hurt like hell.
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    I read jaws as a reader's digest condensed book.

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