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Things done to get out of going to work

I like what I do for work ( network engineer) , so I never thought about getting out of it. However, if I wanted to get out of it, I would probably just call in sick, not stage a kidnapping.

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There's always the "dental emergency," or an urgent meeting with one's accountant on an IRS matter.

Nobody seems to question those.

I must confess I was spoiled. If I really wanted to disappear, I'd head off to my Venice Beach office (my main office was in NY). Didn't do it that often as I enjoyed my job as creative director. But it sure was nice to be able to vanish at will from time to time.
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Nah, I was always too honest for that. If I really had a problem with work, I would just quit. The only time that didn't work was during my time in the army.
In the late 60s & early 70s, my cousin worked for the phone company. Whenever he called out, they sent people out to check that he was home and sick. He finally put his nasty German Shepherd on his front porch, with a very long leash. It didn't take but one time for them to get that message and stop checking. He did eventually get fired, but not for that.
Lazy people always work harder! That must have taken a while to think and piece his act together along with having to execute such an elaborate plan!

I would’ve rather gone to work, getting kidnapped by yourself sure is not a fun way to spend a day off!
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