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Thiers-Issard Brushes

I'm interested in your knowledge of and experience with the Thiers-Issard brand of silvertip brush. What are these knots like typically? I'm exclusively an Rooney Old Style or Heritage fan these days after trying pretty much every major brand on the market except TI and Plisson.


I have a TI 26mm in black horn. I also have an old style Rooney Emilion 2. To me, they are very similar. Both are very dense, have good backbone from the density and extremely soft tips. I think the Rooney feels softer when dry, but both have a great face feel when in use. They are both great brushes. I just think the TI is really undervalued.
I find the Rooney Heritage 3-band (mine was from 2011) and the TI Silvertip to be very similar in terms of tip softness and backbone. My TI 26mm Silvertip in blonde horn is a wonderful brush. The knot is densely packed, has very soft tips, and plenty of backbone. The packaging and handle style are so similar to Rooney, I wonder if the TI brushes aren't made by Rooney (in spite of the "Made in France" label on the handle).
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