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They Shall Not Grow Old DVD.



Sorry about the photo, it’s not the best. Looking forward to watching this DVD on the weekend. I think @cleanshaved mentioned it in a thread a while ago. I kept my eye out for it and it popped up at JB HI here in Australia. Another great DVD from New Zealand’s Peter Jackson.


Munted Old Cog
Cool. I saw part of it a few weeks ago and did enjoy what I was able to watch. Hope you enjoy it.
I must add Weta Studio is a great asset to him. That's where the real work is done.

Peter Jackson has come a long way from Meet the Feebles, Bad Taste and Brain Dead.
I saw it last November, it was shown single screening only at a couple houses around town. Very powerful,
I also saw it in November. My son was the youngest person in the theater and I was probably the second youngest.

It's hard for me to imagine someone doing a better job than Peter Jackson did with this documentary, and the commentary at the end is really good.

A hundred years isn't so long ago, and it's amazing how little has actually changed in that time. Especially when it comes to human nature.


Watched the DVD this morning. Fantastic documentary. Now watching the making of the documentary on the extra features. Highly recommend it.