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They have ball ends and one has a funky head...

I got these in Prince Edward Island; I went to about a dozen antique shops with SWMBO (she loves it). I am not familiar with the ball end razors.

The one on the left hasn't had much of a cleaning aside from soap and a tooth brush. I liked the interesting head; the two diamond shaped blade holders come through the top plate. There aren't any serial numbers that I could find. I haven't tried to really clean it yet because I don't know what it is made of.:blushing: I also noticed some reddish marks or patina in the grooves on either side of the ball and above the knurling.

The one on the right is silver (tried that awesome foil, baking soda, and boiling water trick with great results). The stamping reads " PC 6[3?not sure]135. I got it with a silver Pocket Edition case lined with purple fabric but I am not sure if they go together or not.

Anyone care to educate me? Thanks.
I should add that I got the gold one for $16 with a Gillette blade case.

I paid 5$ for the silver one. I went in and asked if they had any razors she had just this one while I was looking it over she said I could have it for $5 because they were moving. For $5 with a case and (velvet?) bag I was sold!
OK I am still working on the IDs for these.

I am pretty sure the gold one is a 162 goodwill but I haven't been able to find a picture of the same design on the head to confirm. (thanks for leading the way on this one cooncatbob).

For the silver one, it looks like some old type but the thing is I can't find any pictures that don't have the band of knurling on the ball but do have it on the shaft. The serial number starts with PC which I gather means it is from Canada and the head looks like the old type 102 (slimmer one). I am starting to think that the plate with the serial number and the top plate don't actually go together. I can't make sense of the serial number with the 102 type head. So is this a frankenrazor or does anyone have an ID for this combo?
I should add that I shaved with the silver razor a few times and like it - it's just driving me nuts trying to figure out what it is exactly. Thanks again for reading everyone.
The "funky head" is a Goodwill made between 1931 and 1935. It was Gillette's cheap razor giveaway for the masses during the Great Depression. You got the razor free when you paid $1 for 10 blades, hence the name "Goodwill".

The old type ball end I think is just a well worn and well used old type ball end.
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