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they finally came!

here are my first 3 DE razors. a red tip, a flare tip, and im not sure what the open comb one is. maybe you guys can shed some light. well i guess its time to get cleaning.

here are the before pictures

D4 red tip, open comb ????, C2 flare tip

close up of the tarnish/crud on the red tip handle

inside of the open comb

what do you guys think?
They look great! Get some Scrubbing Bubbles and a toothbrush and get to work! We want to see the after shots as well.

spray them with the SB and let it do its thing, you'll be amazed at how they clean up.

Need to see the bottom of the OC base plate to help with identification of it for certain, but looks like a New SC from here with a thin common bar handle.

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they are soaking right now. and don't worry, i wouldn't leave you guys hangin. ill post the bottom of the OC in the after shots post.
here they are all clean

this is the bottom of the base of the OC as requested

red tip handle. little bit of brassing under the tarnish but its not terrible.

had my first shave with the flare tip and a derby blade. over all it went well and no nicks. tons of weepers on my neck. most likely from previous razor bumps from my cart razor. probably poor technique too. ill keep working at it.
i used this stuff called 'Lemi-Shine" soaked them in there for about a half hour. rinsed them off and used scrubbing bubbles and a tooth brush to scrub them. i like the outcome.
Those look great. They cleaned up very nicely. I would have soaked them in white vinegar and hot water for about an hour, then scrubbed them with whatever cleaner I had on hand that was not too abrasive

Where did you get them?
I just tooled around Ebay and saw some nice old Gillettes for sale for not a lot of money.

yea there were some decent prices on there when i was looking. i was unsure of this lot because of the picture but they cleaned up pretty nicely. i was more interested in a lot rather than a single razor. just feel it gives me more options to see what i like the best.
Good job, I am bidding on two 1930 era brass razors right now. What a great hobby.
I love the elements of design, mechanics and function.
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