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They do exist

I was beginning to think I had lost the money I spent at the end of March. I even moved houses. I sent them an email with no response. All the stories we have al seen around the net about Broman, but today, a battered box arrived to my forwarding address. I did not get the 100 blades I was expecting but honestly at this point, I wasn’t expecting anything to come. For those interested, I will post a review here after her trial run. For those that have used them does it prefer a certain blade or have most of you just been throwing all the different types in.



I have one that I have been meaning to take for a spin, and I am planning to use a Gillette Yellow or another sharp blade for the trial run...mild razor + sharp blade = great shave.
Wow! Glad you got it. I gave up hope and demanded a refund. After being ignored I trashed him on Facebook and he finally refunded my order. I’d love to try the razor. Too bad it’s an awful company. Please let us know your thoughts.

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Guess I was lucky. I ordered mine when it just got out in their store for the first time and got it after their first batch sold out... If I recall right. Had to wait a tiny bit for an order update however.

I've tried mine a couple of times with different blades. The perma-sharps were okay, but I wanted something else. Gave it a try with both an Astra SP and a personna red. The Astra SP felt very rough for me. The personna was slightly better.

Sort of surprised me that the personna didnt give me completly what I wanted. Since it is my blade of choice for the DE razors that I have.

One blade that did surprise me was the shark stainless. Never tried it before I tried it with my broman. Effective yet smooth. So I'd suggest the shark from personal experience. Though YMMW.

Kinda want to throw a feather sample blade into mine. But I've been busy enjoying my schick L1 and supply injector razors instead.
Sorry to spam the thread. But I gave the broman another try today with a new blade that I have never used before.

Sufficed to say, if you ever run into a "need a fast shave and rush out the door" situation, then I can highly recommend using a feather in it. Mowed everything down.