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There's No Wedgie Like an Old Wedgie.

As previewed in my Packwood thread, here is the latest stubtail to come home with me....

Its a bit rough around the edges, the scales were trash, and there is some rust to deal with.

Manufacturer unknown, only marked "Old English" on the spine, and what looks to be "Superior Temper" on the tang.

Will start getting her cleaned up, and ready for some new clothes here soon. This thread will show the resurrection of this old piece of Sheffield's finest craftsmanship, ca 1820-1830 or so (the GR dates to no newer than 1830, but since there were four King Georges in a row, the start date is a bit more hazy....)

did a bit of work on her tonight. Given the location and depth of the pitting, this is as far as I will probably take her. I don't want to lose detail at the expense of brightwork. The "Old English" Stamp is notably shallower, and I still am not at the end of the pitting on the spine. Backside has some DEEP pitting along the spine, and generally is in worse condition than the front. I am already starting to round over details like the squared spine, and am not willing to sacrifice this for further polish. It does look about 10000000% better than it did a few hours ago though....

My camera kind of sucks, and the flash is making the blade look worse than it does in person. Im waiting on some horn to come in to reshoe both this and the Packwood.
ok. Here she is with some very nicely figured horn scales. Used a piece of scrap horn for the wedge. Didn't have any lead laying around to use.... oh well.

Still need to finish putting an edge on this one.

Here she is with my other stubtail, the Packwood.

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