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Do you happen to know what the Kanji in the upper left means? I am not sure I've seen that grade before....It's probably common, I'm just drawing a blank!!
It's not that common - I think I have the exact meaning written down somewhere. Not sure where though.
I thought I had compiled all my notes into one place - apparently not. I had a bizillion text files with translations and meanings.
Most have been compiled - this might be the last piece of into that's lurking around in a lost folder somewhere.
If I remember correctly - it means 'sword grade'. Or something like that.

I have another one with the same stamp.

LOL. I hear ya. I was asking about the yellowish compared to the almost pure white. My koma has a little yellow also. Difference? Aesthetic only?

That's a long story. Very long. Too long for here. Lol....

These two pieces are actually quite similar.
Prelim tests tell me the one on the right may possibly be a bit faster.
Hard to say exactly - and I won't get to do a lot of testing with the larger one.

Ahh...Gotcha. very nice Koma Toishi too!!

Ty - yeah, it's an interesting and somewhat intimidating piece.
Basically that.
Found my rogue text file.
I have the first two Kanji relating to single and double edged swords, and the last one for 'use'.
I've seen bigger, but for honing razors, larger stones are very hard to deal with.
Even these two require extreme care when making slurry.
Holy cow... Where do you get this stuff!? Very nice. It would be cool to see your whole setup/collection and how you go about honing/testing new stuff.
Uhm... they come from Japan.

Alot of my 'thing' - stuff I do when honing or testing, doesn't translate to pix or video.

I did a few videos - just posted another one actually - they're just mini-snippets of events though. Not 'this is how I do it'.
They're more like - 'this is what I did'.

I do a lot of different things when honing and I shift on the fly all the time. Sometimes I just walk away for a couple hours while I think on what's happened up till that point. If I was to do a full session, even on just one blade, with explanations along the way - it would be too long and everyone would fall asleep.
I know they come from Japan, I'm only familiar with two popular websites so it seems like you have more JNAT resources than I know about.

I really think I would learn more in one day watching one of the more experienced members hone than what I've figured out on my own since I started.
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