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There should be a way to rate a seller and or buyer


Hello all,

I thought I would post an idea here. There should be a way to rate a buyer/seller when a transaction is done through the BST. I know that most everyone on here is a stand up Gent however having a buyer/seller review is a good idea for potential dealings with folks. Just an idea.



Robert we have always maintained that each BST transaction is perfect.
Of course we have had issues but either they are resolved or the member is removed from the membership roles.
As we have grown issues of course have increased. We have always urged our members to be smart. Use basic on line caution and use the protection available through paypal.
I really like this forum and the civility of the members. I’ve been on other forums and though I don’t get into the weeds on controversy and opinions of those who are too opinionated, the general membership of this forum does a great job being courteous, respectful, helpful and friendly. Nobody lets ego get in the way of the good things to come from this place.

I have done a few BSTs here and had no issues with anyone of them.