Theory on Skin-Type Impact on Shave Soap Selection

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by herbert7890, Feb 5, 2016.

    Thats awesome! Glad you liked the post!
  1. How would this theory apply to combination skin? My forehead and nose is oily while the parts I shave range between normal to dry.
  2. Sorry for the very late reply (havent seen this reply in a year), since your are normal or dry on the shaving parts, You would benefit from using a fatted tallow or simple tallow soaps.
  3. Interesting I've been considering this same topic now I have been wet shaving for a few years now.

    After trying several soaps/creams over time. I have discovered what my face prefors.

    Right now my go to soap is SV. And have had good luck with other vegan soaps with lots of good oils and butters. This seems to work best with my skin type.
  4. Seems plausible. I have dry skin, and my favorite soaps so far are Haslinger Shafmilch and Sterling Black Ice.

    I haven't had much trouble with other soaps being drying, but I have experienced a VERY marked difference in slickness between the above, and the non-tallow/lanolin soaps I've tried.

    I shave before showering, and the hot water from the shower usually zeroes out a lot of soap-related post shave feel. After the shower I put on witch hazel, and a moisturizing cream (CeraVe PM).

    Though I haven't tried that many soaps yet in general, so my own experience is not a very telling sample.
  5. I’m curious if it is drastic enough thang a person would need multiple types dependent on weather and climate. People living in dry or very cold conditions may need a more moisturizing soap compared to those in humid or temperate areas.
  6. That's actually a very good point you made! For example, I was at NYC 2 weeks ago and my face felt even dryer than usual, probably since my face is used to 90F Weather here in Puerto Rico. I had to use much more aftershave lotion during the day, to combat the dryness I had while in New York.
  7. New York 2 weeks ago- was that during the cold snap? I'm not surprised you felt drastic changes to your face, LOL.
  8. Yes bro! What a timing I have! oh well! But my face is back to my normal dry here in Puerto Rico. I need to try the new formula used in barrister reserve and CRSW Glide, weird enough both have decided to go without lanolin for these formulas, but they are both keeping their tallow and lanolin line, at least. (my skin loves lanolin)
  9. Big yes. I live in a pretty temperate area, but when we do get cold + dry conditions (usually winter nights), it gets a lot harder to keep my skin hydrated. Oddly, heat + dry isn't as big an issue as cold + dry. During winter, heavy moisturizing soaps are necessary to keep my body from getting itchy and my face from getting tight. During summer, I usually back off on that stuff, as it isn't needed as much, and tends to give an uncomfortable insulating feel when it's hot out.
  10. @Thistle @SoullessSingularity I'd have to say my troubles track well with Thistle's here in Atlanta, GA area. Cold dry winter is massively different to hot humidity, hot + dry. Funny how some things just work themselves into our daily routine. Or, demand we do it "their way" or hit the highway! (although, leaving here and snowbirding somewhere nice isn't a bad idea at all!)
  11. At a guess, I'm thinking that they're trying to widen their appeal to consumers, since a relatively high number of people seem to have irritation issues with lanolin. Also, as someone with a tub of pure lanolin, I suspect it is detrimental to every quality in shave soap except the post shave. It's thick and heavy like Vaseline, and seems pretty insoluble to boot.
  12. Something I've found interestin about lanolin, at least as in a product like Neutrogena Hand Cream, is that literally, a dab will do ya. Where observation differs is when I add water as a thin film of moisture on one hand and add a dab of lanolin cream rubbing all over my hands. The cream forms a very slick compound with the water and doesn't give up the wetness until I stop agitating it.

    For those shaving soaps in the barrister lines with lanolin, I think bowl lathering and periods of rest, as like as you do your passes, help the lather build its richness and cross link the oils molecules. Whipping the lather before applying the next round incorporates more air, stiffening the lather and producing the rich warm slick product we are looking for.

    I'll spend some directed time looking through my soaps to see what I have without lanolin and if the concept continues to work in the oil complexes there. I've got some which don't act like my experiences with B&M and that may well be the factor in the behaviors I've seen using them. However both the newer formula Will uses seem to benefit to a degree using the extended preparation I've come to use daily.
  13. Maybe my skin is strange, but I tend to get better shaves regardless of the product used in drier climates. When it is humid out I tend to get a lot of irritation and ingrowns, when it is cold and dry I get smooth shaves. I think open pores and sweating isn't great for shaving irritation. That said, I am in freezing cold NYC and leave for Cambodia tonight so my skin is going to have a rough time.

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