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Like Tabac soap+splash+cologne? Or maybe a cream+ASB+EdT combo from one of the Ts? I've seen a few interesting combinations in the SoTD recently so...what's your favorite?

And since I asked....

Sandalwood--QED soap w/ C&E cream, C&E ASB, Floris EdT
HBS Almond soap (or DR Harris Almond cream), Pinaud Clubman Vanilla A/S splash, John Varvatos cologne

or maybe it's just me....:out:
Subconsciously, I did an "islands" theme today... Trumper Coconut SC and Sand Cologne (made in the Bahamas). Wish I was there right now.


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I like the brand combo of:

Proraso Pre/Post
Proraso Soap
Proraso AS or ASB

or the Limey scent combo of:

QED Lime
Citrocol Lime AS
Em's Lime ASB "soother"
Royall Lime Cologne
Sand in the bottle? Have you tried the ASB? I don't know how soothing an aftershave with sand could be though.
I haven't tried the ASB, but I'm hoping it doesn't have actual sand in it. Otherwise, it might be a facial scrub. lol. ASB wasn't part of my daily routine last time I was in the Bahamas, but I may pick some up next time (it's all a fair bit cheaper there altho I don't remember the exact price).

EDIT: In general, I try to keep my ASB as neutral as possible so that I don't have to plan my cologne around it. Of late, that has meant T&H Ultimate Comfort, but I have a few others (nivea, qed, em's) in the wings waiting to be tried.
I, too, have tried the "proraso" theme...how could one not?
Proraso PRE/post
Proraso SC (red or green)
Proraso pre/POST
Proraso ASB

I have also used:
River Soap Company Mountain laurel bath soap (smells like bay rum)
Burt's Bees Bay Rum SS (with KMF unscented and glycerin to help the lather)
pinaud Bay Rum ASB

I really want to get my hands on some T&H Trafalgar Edt...I love the smell of the SC so much and would love the smell to follow me throughout the day.
Two of my favorite combos are Mama Bear's Smokin' and Pinaud Clubman aftershave, and Mama Bear's Dragon's Blood and the Pinaud Clubman.

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