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The year that was...


Captain’s Choice has had an action packed year and we wanted to provide you a brief summary of what has transpired:

~ Released Nor’easter scent in aftershave, soap, cream, and balm. This is our menthol offering.

~ Added a shaving brush roll for travel.

~ Developed a Razor Caddy just in time for the holidays

~ Created a custom synthetic shaving brush slated for release by November 15.

~ Released Land Ho! scent in aftershave, soap, cream, and balm. This is our Fougere offering.

~ Developed a unique and authentic Captain’s Choice Mug.

~ Added two vintage aftershave bottle offerings to the store.

None of this would be possible without the support of our customers and from you telling others about us. Thank you for making a difference for our small business.

~ The Captain


Needs milk and a bidet!
One hellava year! Congrats Captain and I hope you have continued success in the years to come. No one does it better.
I can vouch for the razor caddy being an outstanding product. A practical and elegant solution for storing and displaying razors.
Well, you make good stuff and listen to your customers. At what point would you think that you wouldn't be successful? Keep it up and good things will continue to happen.
It's been a great year, Cap'n, and like others, I count Nor'Easter as one of my faves! I don't know if you've ever considered it, but I suspect you would have many customers for a Nor'Easter fragrance. Just a thought.


I just received the Land Ho! soap last week, thanks to one of the Captain's generous contest PIFs! Haven't tried it yet, though.
it's a classic fougere scent, very similar to Martin de Candre Fougere for the soap scent and, as I said, pairs well with the grandaddy of fougeres.
Customers and word of mouth can only follow a solid product with a passionate, caring company behind it. Congrats and may many more blessings come your way!
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