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The "WORST" Lather Ever?

First, I was one of the Worst Soap Ever contest winners and won the worst soap I could chose.
Second, Captain's Choice Sandalwood was the first soap that I used when I started DE shaving in July 2018.
Third, I 3017'd the Sandalwood and am trying the Bay Rum cream, now.
This is why I chose to try Captain's Choice Venture.
I'm glad I did.

I used a Merkur 34 HD, a Day 5 Personna Red, an Omega 48 Boar brush, and Captain's Choice Venture.
I soaked the brush while I showered.
After the shower, I shook all the excess water out and began lathering.
Venture is a soft soap; so it loaded easily.
I took it to the bowl and swirled 15 to 20 times and added 3 drops of water.
I repeated this three more times adding a few drops of water and swirling until the lather was slick and creamy.


Elapsed time was two minutes and 3 seconds.
There was plenty of creamy and slick lather on the puck, in the bowl and on the brush.
I am used to letting the lather sit on my face for a few minutes before shaving as part of my preparation.
I had a two pass shave with a touch up under my jaw. (Pilot error.)
I used diagonal passes on my face and neck on both passes.
I discovered this six weeks ago. It works for me. (YMMV)
The shave was clean and smooth and the post shave feel was comfortable.
My face felt smooth and moisturized with no irritation.
I waited an hour to see I any developed.
There was none.
I think the scent is based on Aventis.
I liked it and my wife liked it too; "You smell good" she said.
Apparently, "There's something about a Captain's Choice man." :001_rolle
I like this soap.
I also think this would lather well using the Marco Method.
I think I'll try it tomorrow.
As a newbie I can recommend this as a soap that is not difficult to lather and smells great!
Atta’ boy! A little voodoo magic in the brush and holy water in the bowl. Beautiful. Congratulations on the GREAT lather and shave!
What a tragedy of a shave...you’re lucky you didn’t spontaneously combust with all those “worst” products! :001_tt2:


Needs milk and a bidet!
Geezzz! That lather looks like the WORST I have ever seen! :001_tongu

Nice lather, nice soap, nice shave. Congrats!
Atta’ boy! A little voodoo magic in the brush and holy water in the bowl. Beautiful. Congratulations on the GREAT lather and shave!
No voodoo.
My wife is ordained and I come from a line of cowboys.
Holy water and silver bullets work for us.
Great review, @Schnitzel52; very similar to my experience with the same soap - WORST lather EVER!! Well, maybe not WORST...wasn't really that bad...actually was very good now that I think about it!!
I want to say that I have had a bit of fun with this post; but I hope it wasn't at anyone's expense.
I do believe that the research done on the lathering characteristics of the different soaps is being done in a genuine spirit of inquiry and seeks the truth. Something that is for our mutual benefit. I applaud and support such efforts.
I do not believe that Scott or Captain's Choice deliberately set out to make the "WORST" Lather ever.
But hey; it works or me.
That being said; I want to apologize if anyone was offended
(Oops! Pilot error!)
I want to thank those who have helped me to become a better shaver and I want to support the goodwill among in the fellowship of this group.

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