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The wonderful tale of 2 DE heroes turning 1 beat-up Slim into 3 impeccable beauties

Gents, want to share a great razor story that exemplifies all the good sides of this DE community that we all belong to. And especially, the expert skills of two of our friends here. And be warned, this is a long post.

A couple of months back I decided to initiate my first replate project. Living in Europe such an endeavour needs to be planned well as no vintage DE's are to be found overhere and the cost of sending razors back and forth across the Atlantic is not small.

So - after taking you guys' advice here on B&B I reached out to Chris at Razorplate for guidance and he immediately replied. And so, after really in-depth expert and friendly guidance from Chris I went-a'looking on the Bay for the right candidate.

I quickly got lucky, snatched up a rugged birth quarter Flare Tip for 8 dollars and got it sent directly to Chris. Now, Chris is just such a gentleman and even though the razor turned out somewhat rougher than expected (surprise!) he agreed to take it on.

WELL, as I now had gotten my feet wet I decided to add a Slim to the process. My impeccable original 1962 model is my absolute favourite razor so I had been contemplating getting a reserve and having it replated in rhodium, just for kicks and to spare the pristine original one!

So again, agreed the process with Chris and quickly found a Buy-It-Now 28 dollar deal on a 1966 and had it sent to Chris.

And then he gave me the terrible news. The Slim had a technical malfunction even if the seller had listed it as being in very good technical condition (go figure... A Slim on the Bay for 28 dollars)...

Well darn. But again Chris stepped in with expert counselling and suggested to send it to CAP Murphy for repairs. So I did - and another hero entered the scene. Just like Chris the CAP is one fine gentleman, and between the two of them they have the best customer service manners I have EVER encountered. Period.

MEANWHILE, I of course sent the Slim seller a polite note stating the true state of the Slim. And I must say she reacted well. She immediately acknowledged the mistake and offered me another Slim as compensation - for free. Turned out to be my birth year, even! - So rather than getting a few bucks back I thought "why not take another chance, I only seem to meet nice people on this journey?!"...

So off to Chris this went, it was technically fine, but even so Chris and I agreed to ask CAP to do his magic on this one too. Because this 'new' Slim actually turned out to be in better (though still quite poor) outer condition than the other one, and therefore it suddenly seemed to be the best rhodium candidate. Again, a superb and fast process with CAP followed and now Chris E. had on his hands, ready for replate, 2 Slims and a Flare Tip.

All the while through this process I had regular fascinating razor dialogue with the two experts, and again I have to praise their combined expert DE skills (for the inner and outer refurbishing of vintage Gillettes) and equally their superb customer communication skills.

And below you see the results, arrived quickly at my European doorstep - with impeccable replate and mechanics: 1 birth year Slim replated in rhodium along with 1 Slim 1966 and 1 birth quarter Flare Tip both replated in bright nickel. Notice the red lettering on the Slims, quirky and chosen for fun and to show that these razors now have yet another great story to their life.

And incidentally: if there are spots on them now in the sharp light of the flash it is simply because I am already using all 3! - And they are fantastic!

Sorry for the long winded post but I really want to commend the fantastic skills of Chris and CAP. I am so grateful to have met them both and to have been part of such a fascinating process.

Have a great weekend, shavers!

IMG_0175.JPG IMG_0176.JPG
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Wow, gorgeous pieces. I really love to read about amazing cooperation and customer service. Those are better than new, now!
What a great story that illustrates the power of good will while demonstrating how knowledge, skill, and a bit of luck can make an old thing beautiful again. Great looking razors! Congratulations!

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I agree wholeheartedly Peter- CAP and Chris are unparalleled in their expertise, truly caring customer service, and immaculate workmanship; both individually and together there are none finer. Even more importantly- I can count them both as friends. God Bless! Tony Brown RN mgbbrownWhat Makes It Tick Norman Rockwell 1949.jpg
You couldn't have sent your razors to anybody better. Both guys are the best at what they do.

Hands down, Cap is the man when it comes to repairing old razors. I've never used him but I've followed his posts and have seen his work. I'd have no reserve to send him anything.

As far as Chris at RazorPlate, he is one of the nicest guys I've ever dealt with. His work is also as good as it gets and Chris is the ONLY guy I'd send something needing replating. He knows his stuff and he has a passion for it. Despite his skills, he doesn't gouge his customers and is the deal of the century for what he does.
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