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my brain goes "thonk"
I've purchased 4 new soaps in the past couple of months. Those being SV, MWF, WMS, and Stirlings Scots Pine Sheep soap. Although I like all if these soaps. I chose Stirlings. My face feels like a sponge that soaked up water, but in a good way. Three to four dollars isn't bad for a sample puck that lasts a long to either. Not that I don't like the other soaps, I just get the best face feel from Stirling. I will continue to use the other soaps. I like the SV, but way to expensive for me. You alk know you can get soaps less expensive and still get the slickness of this soap. MWF.... one day I'll break down and buy a full puck. As you guys know, once you dial in the water to soap ratio,LOOK OUT. YOU'RE IN FOR AN EXCELLENT SHAVING EXPERIANCE. The Williams Mug Soap, I din't have anything against it. I like the little mug soap. I can just put a tsp. of water on it, wait awhile and start on it with a damp brush. As I said the Stirling gives the best face feel of them all to me and you get good bang for the buck with a sample puck. I probably would never get a full jar because I don't like keeping soaps around a long time. Again I'm considering get a full puck of MWF to replace Tabac. The fragrance isn't awful and you can always put a aftershave on.
Great choice. Stirling makes great soaps. I have a sample puck of the Scots Pine Sheep....it is a great performer. I'm not crazy about the matching aftershave, but the soap is killer. I also got a sample puck of Varen...it's also mutton based. Haven't tried it yet...maybe tomorrow.
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