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The Varlet sizing

Hey everyone.

I’m looking to get my hands on a Varlet whenever Aldo opens up his orders again, but have a question regarding sizing.

He offers the HD knot in 25, 27, and 29mm knots on many of his brushes outside of custom requests (Mega is only 29 and Gaslamp is 27 or 29). But how unwieldy are the larger brushes? For comparison, I currently use a Simpson Chubby 2 and find it to be a bit larger than I need, but luxurious. The Chubby 3 on the other hand is unwieldy.

Can someone who has used some Varlets and Chubbies please help with sizing? Is a 29mm Mega way too much given my current preference? What about for the other models (interested in Gaslamp and Ranger)? Really frame of reference is appreciated as I can’t find any old threads on any forum discussing these comparisons.

I think you’d be ok with a 27mm HD knot. The 27mm Ranger handle is very comfortable. I have a 27mm Gaslamp too, but I’m not totally crazy about the handle shape. It’s not technically on the menu, but you can ask for a hybrid or bulb shaped knot, both of which will feel smaller on the face than a fan.
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