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The value of preshave products ...

I just follow Gillette's recommendations and that is to wash and clean skin of dirt and facial oils and then apply lather.
Gillette also used lube strips with Aloe Vera to their disposable razors so I just add a dollop of clear Aloe Vera gel to my cleaned beard area to fully hydrate the beard (15 Seconds to do it). I know Aloe Vera gel works because I have been applying a dollop to my hair after shampooing for the last 30 yrs and it is amazing how fast it hydrates hair so I figured it should work well on beard whiskers.
The nice thing with my two choices of Pre shave, CeraVe hand bar cleanser and Aloe Vera gel is they do not clog up my shave gear with oil residues also. I use a dedicated 24mm synthetic brush when using the CeraVe hand bar cleanser and really enjoy washing my whole face with it, I rinse most of it off and then add the Aloe Vera gel while still damp to the cleaned beard area and then start my lathering. Whiskers should be at maximum hydration or close enough IMO.
Hydrated whiskers are easier for the blade to slice than a dry whiskers from my understanding and less tugging. (Not a scientist :laugh: :letterk1: )
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Have some great shaves!
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I say it varies from person to person. Some swear by pre shave products. Others could care less about them or don’t find them to be of value. Both are valid. I’m in the second group unless you want to count whatever bar of soap I’m using at the time as a pre shave product. I shower and wash my face before I shave
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My pre shave routine is slightly different. Min 30-60 min before shave, I apply face cream. Than shortly before shaving, wash my face few times with warm water, than use cheap shaving cream as preshave. In meantime make a lather
with soap of the day. Wash face again, apply lather.
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