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The truth about straight razor shaving is .

that it turns what most men think of as a chore into an enjoyable experience. Shaving becomes a pleasure. You can use a razor that is over 200 years old or one that was made last week by a real craftsman.
If you like doing things that involve process it's for you. Requires a much higher level of commitment.
This is a true story. The truth is that it will suck. You'll get cut. You'll wonder why you're subjecting yourself to the razor burn. Then it gets better and the litany of things to do starts to jive. All is good in the 'hood until hones come knocking.
I would say because its simple. It take a few extra minutes to accomplish the goal but your left with less irritation due to a reduction in blade to skin contact time in particular spots. It's not easy but we know what men do to "things" that are easy. If you can control yourself you will save money. Most can't but that's there choice. Also straight razor shaving demands you to WAKE UP.
This is actually a good question.....................I don't know why I use a straight razor. I quess I just wanted to see if I could do it..................JR
Is the best way to prepare for your day. If first thing in the AM you drag cold steel across your throat, you're pretty much ready for anything.
Top Ten Reasons to Straight Razor Shave:

1. Makes you look really cool while doing an otherwise mundane daily chore.
2. Provides a closer shave than a disposable razor.
3. Improves your complexion because it exfoliates some of the dead skin.
4. Automatically makes your penis 1.5" longer.
5. Can be a moment of relaxation and/or reflection from a hectic schedule.
6. Allows you to monetarily return to simpler times and keep a dying art alive.
7. Gives you a valid excuse when asked "Why do you spend so much time in the bathroom?"
8. Cuts down on waste because you re-use the same blade.
9. Makes-up for all the other sissy things you do during the day.
10. /because if it was good enough for Grandpa, you bet your *** it's good enough for everyone else.
Either you shave with a straight razor, or you wish you were man enough to shave with a straight razor.
Basically what Slash said.

It's a DIY thing. You hone your own razor to your liking. You do the maintenance yourself. There's not greater pleasure than to bring back to life an old forgotten razor and make it useful again.

It's my way of life: If I can do it myself, I'll do it, otherwise I have to buy for that good/service.

Cause straights are dead kewl. Shaving with a straight sets you above the bleating, thundering herd.

Straights are green. No blades to just use a few times and toss.

Straight shaving is pure and elemental.

Straight shaving is getting in touch with the past. You can even shave with a 150 year old razor and know that you can pass it down to your grandkids some day.

Real men shave with a straight... or bleed to death trying.
Hmmm. I have probably shaved 40 times with a straight and still feel like a rookie. First, I would want to validate my decision by over-hyping the straight option. But here would the absolute truth:

1) DE shaving with feather blades give me the absolute closest shave.
2) Straight gives the most rewarding or sometimes a little frustrating results
3) I shaved with a half way decent disposable while traveling today (TSA frowns on un-checked straights) and it was almost as good as the DE.
4) A good straight shave is more rewarding than any other and I can't tell you why.

It is kind of like when I started a fire on a camping trip with a flint stick. One of the guys joked that I spent 10 bucks at REI and took 20 minutes to start a fire and then he pulled out his lighter and said "I spent 79 cents for this at the gas station." He had a point but mine was so rewarding when the kindling went up.
If you want to spoil yourself with the whole "spa" treatment, nothing beats a traditional wet-shave with a straight razor. It can be the nicest 15-30 minutes of the day.

You CAN save money if you stop buying at 3 razors. Ok, maybe a 7-day set
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1. No irritation - I seem to always get a little burn or discomfort no matter how careful I am with a DE
2. I don't keep shaving with a dull razor like I do with a cart because i get so sick of buying them
3. A close shave with a cart only lasts about 8-10 hours before I can feel stubble. With a straight it's about 18 hrs and I can easily go 2 days between shaves (usually 3)
4. I've never enjoyed a shave with a cart or electric.....hated shaving
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