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I was wondering how many of my fellow wetshavers on this board are also fellow Canadians, eh. I’m curious because I’m fairly new to this crazy wetshaving world and I know that it won’t be long before I want (need?) more products (toys?). Also, if it were possible I would prefer to purchase products from businesses operating in Canada. No, this isn’t a case of hating other countries or some sort of home-based protectionist policy to ensure that the Canadian wetshaving industry survives. Simply stated, I hate paying extra for international shipping, I hate waiting the extra time for the overpriced international shipping and most of all I hate :mad: paying a “handling fee” on top of the duties/taxes when shipment finally arrives.

If you are a Canadian wetshaver please, tell me where you get your products. Hell, if you are an American/Albanian/Cuban/Irish/British/Icelandic/etc wetshaver and you know of a great Canadian retailer then please, let me know. I just want to be able to get products relatively quickly and without paying any extra fees.
Another good one but doesn't have a huge selection is www.julietsdayspa.com
I've talked to her on the phone and she does have some real nice stuff like Taylor's creams, and Taylor's badger brushes that are rebranded Vulfix brushes.
There's not much up here online otherwise, if someone else has any good sites let us know.
Well lad, I feel your pain. Living here in Oklahoma (The Wet Shaving Mecca of the Midwest) it is difficult to get exotic shaving kit on occassion. And what could be more exotic than French Shaving Soap distributed by a Canadian firm? (Don''t answer that!)
At any rate, [email protected] can direct you to their retailers and e-tailers depending upon your location in subject climes (small area! right?). They are the distributor for Pere et Fils, a really splendid range of French shaving goodies for men.
For example:




Broaden your vistas to some French gooides and make a Quebecois (francophone?) happy!
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As per usual B&B'ers have responded quickly and have been quite helpful. I was aware of two of the retailers mentioned in the responses; my Merkur HD, Merkur blades and T&H Lime Cream came from MenEssentials, while my brush, Taylor's Sandalwood hard soap and Proraso soap came from The Trafalgar Shop. I will say that I am happy with the quality of product from The Trafalgar Shop, but their prices aren't great, service is slow (more than one week between order being placed and processed) and shipping isn't fast either. Also, despite claiming to be a Canadian company they ship their products from Michigan so Canadian buyers beware: you may end up paying taxes twice (as I did!). I have complained to The Trafalgar Shop about the double taxation, but have not had any response from them. If I do not have some resolution soon I will be filing formal complaints with the better business bureau (apparently I wouldn't be the first customer to file a complaint). Again, I would like to suggest that Canadian customers do not shop here unless you want to pay taxes twice (like taxes in Canada aren't high enough!)

If anybody else has other retailers to suggest, please let me know. Thanks.
You may want to consider ordering from Menessentials.com instead of Menessentials.ca. The product comes from the same place, but the prices in US$ works out to be cheaper, especially since our dollar is doing so well.
Do not forget QED. Despite being in the US, I have always found the shipping charges to be very reasonable [read: about the same as MenEssentials or any other Canadian e-tailer].

As a side note, strangely, I find it cheaper to mail things to the US than within Canada. That has never made sense to me. If an American e-tailer is being sensible and not trying to make extra profit from shipping the cost is normally no more expensive than what a Canadian e-tailer charges.
water (or any other Canadian B&B'er),

Other than QED, which American e-tailers would you suggest as "being sensible and not trying to make extra profit from shipping the cost"?

I'm a canuck too. I'm in Toronto. You? If you're in the GTA there's a few shops around with a better line-up than the usual Shopper's Drug Mart fare. There's a Truefit and Hill in the Scotia Towers down on King, Tobabaco Haven in the Atrium on Bay has a small stock of good quality shaving gear [though they're a bit over-priced.] Plus many mom-n-pop shops stock some of the finer wares so just check out all the shops in your neighbourhood (there's a family run grocery store on Danforth near Donlands that carries the Proraso line), you never know what you'll find, where.

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