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Was a little ambitious on Friday but it all worked. Up at 3:30am to light chimney. 9lb pork shoulder and 14lb brisket, both dry brined 36 hrs. Rubbed pork with Malcoms BBQ rub and Meat Church Honey Hog BBQ rub. Brisket rubbed with Swine Life Mississippi Grit. Both on WSM22 using Weber briquettes and apple and pecan chunks, pork on bottom rack, brisket on top. Started at 275 for a few hrs, reduced to 250 for few hrs, then bumped back up to 275 for last few hrs. Pork done in 9 hrs, brisket in 11. Also made smoked Mac and cheese on my Weber kettle using lump, and apple chunks. Finally, made smoked apple crisp on my Weber kettle with SnS, using lump and cherry chunks. A long day but the results were well worth it. Everything turned out great. Lots of food for leftovers.



Alfred Spatchcock
Bought two big prime ribeyes, this 14# prime brisket and some Boars Head pastrami. Gonna need a second mortgage!
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