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    289A4BD7-7FEF-4C09-B51C-3A86A8275E7E.jpeg Pulled pork...its what’s for dinner!
    Lengthy brining in some kind of elixir devised by Alton Brown.
    8 lb. specimen working over hickory.
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    7 1/2 hours later...enter the Crutch. Figure we’re good to go in about 4 hours.
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    Grilling tonight. Firecracker shrimp is the lead. We'll include a side salad with lettuce from my garden. Goat cheese is the major player. 20190505_151135.jpg 20190505_151139.jpg
    20190505_164548.jpg 20190505_164604.jpg
  4. Great meal! I took the cover off the pool and getting it ready for the year. Dinner was Shrimp, Poblanos stuffed with Chihuahua cheese and Chorizo, Rosemary Potatoes, Ribeye and Shark steaks and Shiitake Mushrooms! Let the season begin! 20180805_200552.jpg FB_IMG_1557094629246.jpg
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    Nice!! When you take the cover off the pool everything in life gets better.
  6. Well... once its balanced and the kids can swim life is better. LOL!!!! My kids will swim in 36 degree sewer water if I'd let them!
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    Rib eye.

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    I smell like charcoal smoke and grilled meat- my favorite smell. Too bad the wife is going to make me shower- I love this smell.
  9. Not a traditional BBQ meal, but this BBQ pizza oven from a few years ago is turning out to be one of the best BBQ items ever. We have been doing homemade calzones lately with great success but I went for pizza today.

    This was a makeshift lunch, with whatever we had on hand. Ricardo recipe for the dough and then 6-8min in the BBQ oven.

    IMG_20190510_115749.jpg IMG_20190510_115807.jpg IMG_20190510_120816.jpg
  10. That looks wonderful. Mind sharing the dough recipe? Mine doesn't seem to puff up much.
  11. Sure thing. Homemade Pizza Dough | Ricardo

    I know where are more complex and probably better recipes, but this one works for us. It's reading in 30min and puffs up to give nice air pockets. We usually have to add a bit more flour that it calls for, but we always start with the base recipe and adjust on the fly

    This one made 500g and each pizza we do is roughly 250g. He has a larger batch recipe online too
  12. Thank you Sir! I will give it a go!
  13. Looks great @brucered !
    Are you rolling out the dough or hand shape the dough?
  14. I'm hand shaping it.
  15. Trying my hand at a brisket for the second time ever. Costco starter carrying them up here in Canada for $9.99/kg for Prime.

    14lbs, trimmed to 12lb, on early this morning over some lump and chunka. Now it's foiled with some beef broth, earlier than expected but the flat was 160-170. If it doesn't turn out, it'll get thrown in some chili.

    Rita will enjoy it even if it's over or under done.

    Far from done, but here is a few off cut pieces that were trimmed off but had enough meat on them to save. I threw them on beside the full brisket and we have been sampling them. It's looking promising, not perfect but much better than my first.

    I'm hoping the big one will be juicier as this one didn't have any rest time and not all the fat had broken down.

    At least I know how to cut it now, or I think I do, thanks to the Franklin Manifesto I got from @DoctorShavegood. It saw overtime this week as I was getting ready for the big smoke day.

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  16. Its looking good!
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    It looks great to me Bruce. Can't wait to see the final pictures.
  18. I'm calling it a success. Both the flat and point were juicy and most if not all the fat was rendered. The only thing that it was missing was a crusty bark as I foiled it to ensure it was juicy. It was worth it to ensure moist meat.

    I ate mine like a poor man's Tipsy Texan on a bun with slaw, onion, pickles and a side of beans

    IMG_20190511_165027.jpg IMG_20190511_165235.jpg IMG_20190511_165316.jpg IMG_20190511_165427.jpg IMG_20190511_165544.jpg IMG_20190511_170157.jpg
  19. Looks great! Enjoy!
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    I'm still stuffed, but this thread makes me hungry again!

    I did a 20lb turkey on the Weber Today. Forgot to take any plated shots, but here it is as it came off the grill. All carved up and ready to reheat and bring to Moms for Mother's Day lunch tomorrow. I was going to wait until morning but thought this was the safer way to go, an we got to have a Mother's day meal out of it tonight too. Also planning on doing some Grilled mac and cheese in the morning.

    Took about 5 1/2 hours at 300-350. I had to add a little lump twice, probably wouldn't have needed the second one, but better safe than sorry.

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