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    D5B15776-7309-48C2-AB3A-B65CAB324D73.jpeg 32A233A4-9191-4F17-9F0D-CC2F9A86B33A.jpeg 11 1/2 hours for a 6 lb. brisket? The stall was insane. However when all was said and done..... 32A233A4-9191-4F17-9F0D-CC2F9A86B33A.jpeg
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  2. That is a wicked stall for that size one. Glad one of the tornadoes didn't eat it.

    You do know plated pics are mandatory.
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    On it....
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    Actually here’s a better picture.
  5. That looks great! I did a brisket flat from Costco a couple weeks ago and had the same issue. It just didn’t want to finish. I think mine was on 11 hours or so for about the same size.
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    If it doesn't want to finish wrap it in butcher paper or foil.
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    A17B7953-0D33-44D4-97D4-AFBACDB182F2.jpeg Had to use the Texas Crutch for this one. Bought a roll of butcher paper earlier today from Amazon for future stalls.
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  8. Ribs last week with Shark on a Cedar plank and Poblanos stuffed with Chorizo and Chihuahua cheese! Later to be smothered with a Habanero Mango salsa. 20190406_173002.jpg 20180805_194631.jpg
  9. Oh those look good.

    I've always used foil, but I have some pink butcher paper that I haven't used yet, and a packer brisket in the freezer.

    I need to remedy the not using butcher paper pretty quick.
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    4C19B146-6567-49D0-ACF1-FA87666E8492.jpeg Fired up the pit this morning!
  11. Raining here in Cincy. Going soon to get Rib Roast on sale for 6.99 a pound. Gonna smoke that sucker tomorrow or Monday depending on the time i have. Got plans tomorrow so will probably be Monday.
  12. Smoked a chuck roast today. Over hickory. No wrap. Good stuff!

    Also smoked some meatballs. One pound of pork sausage, one pound of lean ground beef, two jalapeños chopped. Mix in a bowl, wrap the meat around a ball of cream cheese and shake your favorite BBQ rub on them. Smoke at 225 for a couple of hours.
  13. The 2 pork shoulders have been on all night and are about ready to pull out. I just added 5 racks of ribs and an already cooked bone-in ham to heat it through and add more flavor. I'll throw a salmon filet on after church before everyone gets here. All over apple wood in my Masterbuilt propane smoker.[​IMG]

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    I'm always looking for new ways of smokin' things...I found it, thanks.
  15. After the pork shoulders, ham, and ribs came off before church, I added a salmon filet, assorted sausages, and bacon wrapped stuffed jalapeños after church.[​IMG]

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  16. Looks good camjr!
  17. Much appreciated!!
  18. Smoked a 9 lb porkbutt on Sunday for about 10 hours followed by a full 1 hour rest on the counter

    Sure turned out great. I used my Vision Kamado for the Porkbutt and the Pittboss Pellet Grill for the Baked Beans and Macaroni


    For Porkbutts, I like to cook them in an aluminum tin. It keeps them moist and cleanup is a lot easier. When its time to wrap at the stall, I just tightly seal tinfoil over the top of the tin. Seems to work really well!
  19. Did some short ribs Sunday night.

    Before being wrapped.[​IMG]

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