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The Tech Clone Wars


I have a number of the chesp Tech Clones in route. Should arrive this/next week.

When they get here, I'll post my shaving impressions.

One that I already have, and have shaved with, is the Black Tiger:


If you like the Tech, you will like this razor!

Smooth, non-fatigueing. Got a great shave.

Plus, when I waive a magnet over it, all parts of the razor are attracted to the magnet. :eek2:

For roughly $11 including shipping, this Clone is a pretty good bargain.

Global Shave Clubs International has this razor on their website. I got mine new, on eBay from the same folks.

Please post your experiences with any of the Tech Clones you've used. :)


Plating is could be magnetic!

I only have Techs no clones and have one on the way :D
That could be.

It is a heavy razor for the size (especially the handle). Balance is good. If I drop the individual parts on the tile counter, they sound like metal.

The box says "100% steel". I doubt that, but who knows?

I'll probably also include the Maggard V3M since it looks pretty Tech-like.

Should be fun. :)

Probably the same razor. If so, it's a fine shaver and IMO it shaves just a frog hair less closely than a bonafide Tech.

Probably the same razor. If so, it's a fine shaver and IMO it shaves just a frog hair less closely than a bonafide Tech.
That's a different razor. I think it's mostly made from zamak/pot metal. I'm ordering a few of those to check out. I plan to make a frankenrazor with them, actually. I'm goig to use parts from another, non-Tech razor made by Baili (the one I gave my dad that was crazy aggressive- I like the handle but the blade gap is crazy).

At that price, though... who cares what it's made out of.


Are you all contemplating purchasing tech clones for shave comparison thread here?
I bought a number of inexpensive Tech clones off of eBay to see if any if them stack up to the original Tech.

Some have arrived, still waiting for several.


These are the razors that have already arrived or are in route:

BLACK TIGER STEEL 3-Piece Double Edge Classic Safety Shaving Razor

Yuma Old Fashioned Double Edge Safety Razor

Baili Men's Traditional Classic Double Edge Shaving Safety Razor

80*40mm MENS Safety Razor

Vintage Useful Durable Men's Manual Hand Safety Razor Double Edge Shaver

Men’s Traditional Classic Double Edge Chrome Shaving Safety Razor

Classic Double Edge Manual Razor Safety Razor

Maggard V3M

Looks like the RazoRock DE-1 or Teck II might be a good addition?

As soon as I get all the razors in, time to start shaving and see which Clone will rule! ;)