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    BE FOREWARNED.......Opinions will run wild here.
    But just because of a serendipitous gathering and subsequent removal of five pistols I took to the range yesterday, I realized I may had,by chance, picked and sorted the five styles and calibers of the group of handguns anyone would ever NEED.
    Want is a different story. But anyway. Agree or not. The logic and choices are legit.

    Left to right:
    1.Sig Sauer P220R-.45 ACP. Thought by many to be the best combat pistol ever made. 1911 fans may disagree but one thing...the .45 ACP round has a ton of street cred.
    2. Browning P35 Hi Power-9mm. An icon. Designed by a genius. Used reliably in battle encounters globally for decades. Appropriately chambered for a cartridge proven just as reliable
    3. Colt Cobra-.38 Special +p. A regeneration of the pistol which defined America. Used by millions of law enforcement officers, criminals, everyday citizens, the basic.38
    Revolver is truly “Everyman’s Pistol”;
    still doing the job after centuries of use.
    4. Sig Sauer P365-9mm. It’s a new dawn. Today’s pistoleros want high tech, easy to carry, easy to shoot, and completely effective defense weapons. The SIG is today’s poster child for the modern shooter. Next up? Maybe a light saber????
    5. Ruger LCP II-.380. Runt of the litter but loved none the less. You really gotta have a “better than nothing”, plain, painfully easy to carry and stupid simple to use defense tool for those 15 minute late night (or mid afternoon for that matter) runs to the Kwiky-Mart.

    Funny how those five just came out of the bag and made the statement which they did.
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  1. I have a Kimber Raptor 45 and Walther 380, but if I ever buy another handgun, it would be a 38 revolver. My wife's arthritis now prevents her from chambering a round in the autos, except for the 22 conversion barrel on the Raptor. I have tried to talk her into a Mare's Leg, since it's considered a pistol in NJ and I have a lot of 45 ammo, but she's not buying into that one.
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  2. Needs a big bore revolver for bigger things and a .22 of some sort for smaller things...
  3. BigFoot

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    Missing the obvious choice form Austria will not make Rob happy.
  4. I like the grain on the Colt grips, are they stock?
  5. +1 and all those beautiful holsters really make that pic pop!

    I would definitely have a couple of Glocks in my top 5. But I do agree with Tim on why he picked his Sig P365 over his G26, because I would also list the P365 and the Ruger LCP II. I also, will own a Hi-Power someday.

    I think @Acmemfg has been slowly, subconsciously brainwashing me all these years, because I am happily carrying a Sig Sauer P365 in a Mitch Rosen leather holster as I type this. :)

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  6. @Robbyboxers
    Grips are rosewood made by Altamont. Great products.
  7. Ad Astra

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    Life's about choices, and those are some GOOD choices!

  8. Glad to see that E12 in your pic Rob! @Acmemfg , like your choices but agree that a big bore revolver, something that starts with a "4" and a .22 are missing to make it a total selection.
  9. 812E0191-F706-4288-8AC6-CD6FA98758ED.jpeg A7F92269-0E84-467C-BF54-A0912DF30921.jpeg Yeah... I keep telling myself I should get a .22 revolver. Someday I ‘m certain one will find its way into the safe.
    My S&W 629 .44 Magnum sees some use in the back hills but in the same environment I would rather have my .45-70 in hand.
  10. jar_

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    Nice selection but actually pretty close to the very group of guns I'm thinking about selling off.

    The Sig P2xx all left about a decade ago with one exception; my Sig P230 and that is still with me. I agree that Sigs, particularly the 220, 226 and 250 may well be among the best combat pistol ever made but they are still pistols. Also, when it comes to cartridges that start with a 4 I find I pick up one of my wheel guns far far far more often than one of my bottom feeders. The remaining 1911 style Dan Wesson that's the last of my 45 semi-automatics will likely find a new home.

    My Browning HPs also all went about a decade or so ago and now I'm considering getting rid of the HP clones from FM, FEG & Arcus. I'll keep the Browning BDM though even though Browning himself had almost nothing to do with that design.

    My Colt revolvers will stay and I might even get a new one someday. Really glad to see Colt returning to its roots.

    I have one striker fired pistol, not a Sig but rather the first version HS2K that later became the Springfield XD. It's in the group looking for a new home but mostly because I have never been able to get comfortable with it. We simply don't fit together.

    Finally, what you call "the runt of the litter" your little Ruger. I gotta admit that recently I've been thinking about something along those lines but mostly about the Beretta Pico. Still prefer long trigger pull and hammer over short trigger and striker it seems. Maybe Santa will put a Pico under the tree this year.
  11. Had a Pico once. Nice little pistol. Beautifully finished. Trigger pull was in fact the longest I think of any pistol I have ever owned. One thing I just could never get used to though was the weird placement of the magazine release.
  12. Did you know the little Ruger isn't striker fired? It actually has a hammer and longer trigger pull. :)
  13. I love that little light! It's in my left front pocket E'er day! :)
  14. Next up will probably be railguns. The tech already exists in large form factor (a Navy cannon) but as the tech improves we'll probably see it downsized to long gun, and eventually handgun.
  15. What kind of pistol porn is this? I want to see those ladies with their clothes off! :001_302:

    And yeah you need a .22 plinker in there too.
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    Great selection of guns and holsters! When I bought my P365 a couple weeks ago, I initially went there to buy either a P220, an LCP II, or a P938. Now that I have that P365, a P220 or a 4" S&W 686 .357 Mag are next on my list.
  17. Fixed your post.. ;)
  18. jar_

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    Nope, didn't know that. But local Academy had a new Beretta Pico on sale for $199.99 so at that price Christmas came early.

    And yeah, the mag release is strange. But at least it's ambi from the start so great for weak hand carry. Really like the trigger pull and will take it to the range in the morning.
  19. P220 Legion in 10mm is calling to me like a siren song.

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