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    My barbershop is not too strong, and my sandalwood is even less so.

    Baker Street may have some punch to it.

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  1. Big Stirling fan here, too. I've tried the Barbershop, and to me, it smells stronger in the tin. I enjoy it, but its far from my favorite Stirling scent. I usually follow up with aftershaves if I want to have a lingering scent. Then I add cologne later if desired. I do wish some of the Stirling soap scents would last a little longer.
  2. Baker St. is one of my Stirling favorites!
  3. I've used Eucalyptus Mint, Vanilla Sandalwood, and Sandalwood.

    Out of these three, Vanilla Sandalwood was my clear favorite. It smells more Vanilla than Sandalwood. The scent is fantastic! The regular Sandalwood caused a stinging sensation on my face, so I only used it a couple times. This is the only Sandalwood soap that has caused me any type of irritation. Eucalyptus Mint is a pretty potent scent that is very refreshing (kind of like menthol with a bit less bite). This one is okay, but not a favorite.
  4. Stirling make a fine soap.
    Let the Stirling Gentleman say so.
  5. Big Stirling fan also. Have been since buying Stirling Gentleman based on reviews. Later bought samples of Bay Rum, Arkadia, Piacenza and Stirling Spice. Received Mountain Man as free sample. All are good scents with same strength and great performance. My favorite is Spice. Don't know why I didn't get a simple citrus scent, as much as I enjoy them. Will have to do so soon. I find the Stirling scents' strength just right for me. Strong enough to enjoy the shave, then I enjoy my colognes throughout the day.
  6. Agree on all counts

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  7. I don’t have a lot of experience with many of the newer brands of shaving soaps. I’m mostly using older stuff that I bought years ago and have not run through. Here are the only soaps I’ve bought in three years:

    Mitchell’s Wool Fat – Great soap. Not much scent, but what is there is pleasant. My favorite soap so far.

    Sir Hare (Barbershop) – Very good. Nice scent.

    Chiseled Face (Ghost Town and Sherlock) – Not a big fan of the scents and the performance was only okay.

    I have some Stirling waiting in my mailbox. How does Stirling compare to some of the other brands? It’s pretty cheap, so I’m wondering if it’s loved because it’s great or because it’s a great value. I'm hoping it's the former, but realize that if it's that good I'm going to soon go crazy with a big order and no cabinet space to house it.
  8. I use it. I have never had a problem with it. It does exactly what it is supposed to do. Easy to lather, easy to use, great slickness, great cushion, and great scent.
  9. Personally I would put Chiseled Face above Stirling but the difference is small.
    Stirling is great value and performance is good and their scent selection is vast.
  10. It is both great, and a great value, IMO. Enjoy !
  11. I consider them great and honest soaps. They lather easy, they give you great cushion, a lot of scents to choose, slickness and residual slickness and they weight 5.8 Oz which for me is the reason for call them honest. The ratio between price and guantity is amazing. But overall i consider them great. Of course YMMV...
  12. I've never tried them, but at some point, I will buy one and give it a go, I'm pretty partial to my Arko and Proraso and Razo Rock
  13. Stirling is a great soap, probably a couple steps above Razorock. One of those solid performers with plenty of scents to choose from and great value.

    I don’t think they are necessarily top tier, but they are a good benchmark soap to weed out what is good and what isn’t from other producers.
  14. To be honest, I don't know what top tier is. I have heard amazing things about MdC, but never tried it. However, I can say that Stirling is an excellent shave soap with noticeable sents. I will likely never let myself or my wife be out of Stirling. She particularly likes the iced pineapple (I think I have the name right) and I really love the Ozark Mountain.

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  15. Great soaps, especially if you haven't really tried anything top tier.

    Cost to value ratio is awesome, like said above a vast array of scents'll dig em for performance and depending on what you ordered, you'll like the scents too.

    Some of their scents are too light for me and therefore don't last long enough, but other than that no complaints.
  16. Stirling is good for the price and has lots of fans. I think you'll find it performs better than the other ones you listed. Chiseled Face is better regarded for his aftershaves than his soap

    General consensus on top tier soaps is B&M, Declaration Grooming, Tallow+Steel, Wholly Kaw, Noble Otter, and probably a couple others I'm forgetting. But there are a whole lot of other soaps that are perfectly functional.
  17. If they raised the price and cut their production to only best sellers, I'm betting more peops would consider it a top tier soap. Mystique and attainability has a lot to do with that designation.
  18. I have a lot of soaps and yea, some seem to be better than others in one respect or another but
    I find that comparing soaps is like splitting hairs. I have a few Stirlings and I find them to be fine
    soaps with a variety of scents, some a little artificial but a good quality soap.
  19. bobmsp

    bobmsp Contributor

    Is it among the very best soaps I've used? No.

    Do I use it? Of course. It's a solid soap that gives great shaves. Stirling has a great selection of scents and the soap is one of the best values out there. I'd never hesitate to recommend Stirling to anyone asking for a suggestion.

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