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The Starcraft Roswell Hybrid Synthetic Brush?

I can't stop thinking about this brush since I saw it. The retro shape, the color of the brush and handle all appeal to me. I don't own a synthetic. I tossed one on my Stirling order that just shipped before I saw The Starcraft but that won't be here for a couple days yet.

Anybody who has one of these Starcraft brushes care to educate me on it as far as functionality goes? How does it do face lathering? Any other opinions or details would be appreciated. So far all I have are boar brushes(Semogue 830, 620 and Omega 10066). Thanks in advance!
I pulled the trigger on this brush and have used it about a half dozen times. The handle is solid and large which feels good in my big hands although I think a slightly large knot would match the handle better. The brush itself is quite good. Just a little firmer/less soft than the Stirling two band synthetic I own but its barely noticeable unless I do an immediate side by side feel test of both brushes. Initially the brush didn't splay right away to face lather and I had to sort of twist my wrist while pressing down but that went away after a couple uses and it will go right into splaying out after I load the brush and start face lathering. It does donut hole when its wet before I build lather but only when its wet. It lathers great for me with Stirling soap, Arko shave stick , Proraso green cream and Speick cream. I'm happy with it. So now I've been using just this brush and my striling two band synthetic and my boars havn't gotten any use in a while. I'd say The Starcraft is worth the 15 bucks for its function AND it aesthetics. The brush shipped 3 days after I placed the order and arrived in about a week from the order date.
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