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PS: Honorable mention's: Phil sent me some Italian shave soap in a glass jar. Sniffing off the puck, the scent is so weak, I could barely smell anything. But it smells somewhat manly, so hopefully it ends up being a nice soap. My camera washed out the label on the soap, sorry folks, I didn't do any re-takes. Also, never heard of Super Max blades, are they any good folks? Thanks to Phil for blades inclusion.
Glad everything finally showed up! That's Martin De Candre Nature, an unscented French Soap. It's a hard soap, I have the Rose. The Super-Max blades aren't going to be as sharp as many of your blades, but give them a chance with something like the Ambassador. There are several different versions, but I like Super-Max myself.
Checked the mail on my way into work tonight. Found a package waiting.

All I can say is thank you very much @luvmysuper. I really appreciate the gift. Also my first vintage razor...heck my first Gillette.
I will be giving it a spin in the morning after work.

Thank you again!!

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