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The "sounds" of shaving.

So I decided to shave at the sink--rather than in the shower--for the first time at home today. Since I usually shave in the shower I had not realized the aural cues that one picks up on when hot water is NOT streaming around you while shaving. As a musician I should have known better, but I heard a lot of information while running the blade across my face today that seemed to help my shave. . .

•the even scritch that means you're reducing your stubble on the pass

•the louder scritch that lets you know that you are passing over an area of the face with lots of tough stubble, so lighten up and don't try to get it all in one pass

•the switch from scritch to silence that tells you that you're moving from stubble to smooth skin, so pay attention

•the squeak that tells you your face is not lubricated, so stop and relather

•the scream that tells you that you've just topped that dang mole on your cheek--again!!!--and you need to FOCUS!

While I don't know if I'll make the move to the sink permanent--I really do like the steam and warmth of the shower environment--there was a kind of Zen-like peace and sense of calm that took over in the relative silence of the sink with the shower turned off. I think I shaved quicker, but was even more focused than usual. On the down side, I was so intrigued by the various sounds that I over-shaved, and can feel the razor burn even now, 2 hours after the shave. Oh well. . .I liked the tune!


The audible experience of a wetshave when I switched from the M3 to the Vision in the beginning was remarkable. I mean, especially on a 2 day old shave, you can just hear those hairs popping as the blade hits em. And yes, it absolutely aids in the comfort, closeness & safety (less nicks) as you said.
The sounds are quite interesting.... especially on an old hollow ground straight razor. If you get the right razor - it sounds exactly like you are unzipping (or zipping) a zipper awful fast.... kinda neat :cool:
Good observation. Different razors and blades have different frequencies as well. Quite a while ago I stopped running the water in my sink to listen, and my shaves have improved. Now I just turn it on to rinse the razor, and save water to boot.

When I first started out, I had the water running in the sink for the whole shave (quite wasteful I found).

One day I decided to shave in total quiet and what a great experience it was! :thumbup: I have since enjoyed the sound of silence when shaving.

Here's an interesting post about some of us who listen to music while shaving. It was about this time that I tried the quiet shave, and I haven't gone back. IMHO, it's a great way to get feedback on your technique
Hmmmmm, discovered a secret of the wet shave these young jedi apprentices have! :a45:

I too find that it helps to be able to hear the sound of the whiskers being cut by the blade. I do listen to the radio (BBC World Service for an unbiased account of whats going on in the world!) but the radio hangs on the wall at ear level, so I don't need it on loud.:cool:
woodbane said:
And what's wrong with the BBC? :mad3:

Nothing, unless you don't like their consistantly anti-west liberal-guilt-trip coverage of world events. The only thing they have on American media is that they are not caught up with American events to the exclusion of everything. Big media of all types have given up the mantle of real journalism to internet bloggers.

The media has long since abandoned its role of the people's watchdog. The world of instant coverage begat by CNN has turned the media into jackals looking for the bloodiest bits of flesh.
zaphf said:
The only thing they have on American media is that they are not caught up with American events to the exclusion of everything.

Exactly why I listen to it, I enjoy the more comprehensive worldwide aspect of their news reporting as you state. All news reporting is biased one way or another so I guess my original comment was unjustified.

All in all, it's personal preference.

This is also WAAAAAAAAAAAY off the topic of the original thread so I'm letting it rest here.:cool:
For those of you wondering where the magnetism of subject razor emanates, please allow me to explain. If you carefully examine the underside of the Vision's shaving head (where the handle joins the business end) you will note that there is a semicylindrical chamber under each edge of the razor blade. These chambers serve as amplification devices and give voice to the normally wimpy tings and pings of the whiskers as they are shorn. It turns the wimpy wisp into the sotto voce of a ricochet or, perhaps more closely a near miss by a 105... Gotta' love that mowing machine!:lol:
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