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The SNMIRN magnetic adjustable razor - Your thoughts on theory, design and use

I've been looking more closely at this razor without a name:

mild razor.jpeg

It seems it is time for members to contribute their insight into this razor design, as well as how it performs in action.

I have made some comments on other threads, as have others, so links are welcome.

World’s Mildest (New) Razor? - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/worlds-mildest-new-razor.606003/post-11322064

There are some nomenclature puzzles here. The original was the Merkur Futur (MF), whose patent expired, leading to a plethora of Chinese clones, the first of which was the MingShi 2000 (I believe) (MSMFC - MingShi Merkur Futur Clone), which I bought online in China. It could be a bit aggressive. Now we have a SNMIRN updated version that is milder, sleeker and has a magnetic cap (SMMFC - SNMIRN Magnetic Merkur Futur Clone).

How's that for some acronyms? Any better ideas? Or, MF, MSC, SM? Or perhaps Thing 1, Thing 2, and Thing3? Whatever.

This razor has been around for several months, and can be had as a nice kit for about $10 on the AM*$$$. It makes me wonder if this is a clearance sale. Will it still be around in a year? Or will some clever importer pick give it a name and market it online, and, better yet, in stores? (Take that, Weishi!) Perhaps it would be a relatively good way, given how mild it is, to introduce newbies to DE shaving.

If they had introduced this razor with heavy gold or rhodium plating and gave it some prestige name, like Ambassador, Plutocrat, or Party Chairman, and charged $500 it might have gotten more buzz and sold better. Sexy status symbols, that's what people really want in a razor, or did back in the Gillette heyday.

At any rate, I was comparing the blade angle on this SMMFC to an old Gillette TTO with a magnifying glass, and it looked like they came up with a smart design. I don't own other adjustable razors and so can't comment on how it compares to other ancient and modern adjustables, in design and use.

But perhaps other members, with far more experience than I, can.

Any maybe a B&B correspondent in China can go to the source and find out about the origin of this razor. Did they patent the magnetic design?

They (whoever they are) certainly deserve credit for designing a beautiful razor. (Better photos, anyone?) BTW, was design inspired by any other razors besides the Merkur Futur?

How do you think it actually shaves?

Objective, subjective, honest opinions always welcome!

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On reflection, this assumes there are other members who have bought and used this razor. Maybe not. It is rather cheap.

Don't feel you have to go buy it on my account. I don't really care.

I was mainly looking for some insight into the design and how well it works from others.

Maybe someone can bump this thread in a year or two, if it is still around.

Oh, never mind.
Use the search function of B&B to find the thread about this razor.
New adjustable with magnets - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/new-adjustable-with-magnets.594928/

The Indian "JAWAN razor" also uses magnets.
Jawan Razors – Premium Magnetic Double Edge Safety Razor - https://jawanrazors.com/?fbclid=IwAR2UevnJ8kqqhwghWE7RE94cqDc-Zj_WmTirlYwPyCk1Jy1AZVyIEPHs4rM
And "JAWAN" OEM the renamed Canadian version "MAG T DELTA razor" .
MAG T DELTA - DOUBLE EDGE SAFETY RAZOR - https://magtrazors.com/

Some people have stated that their SNMIRN has lost magnets and must be repaired manually.
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Some discussion here
Good links.

I had read them, but lost track of them.

This is the best of them:

Take your pick.


(Hmmm, "goaty"?)
I think it is a great entry level razor. I found it to be mild and comfortable. I really like the magnetic top as it makes the blade changing process safer.
I have got one now for some time and I liked it enough to get a spare before China import rates are up in juli.

it is mild
Easy comfortable gliding and cutting shaver
Angle and shave wise it feels a lot like the qshave adjustable futul I have and use for years. Just a bit easier.
It is very forgiving blade wise, where the futul was Pia when it came to using anything else as a gsb, this razor is a lot easier and accepts most blades I could find in my drawer without severe discomfort
One of the reasons to get another one for holidays where your fav blade is not always there
Both razors shave good and look good and feel premium. And the one used is still tight.
I do not have issues that my settings change or sides which shave different.
Tend to use it around the 3 mark but open it up sometimes to 5
Can it bite, I’ve got a scar in my neck which tells me yes it can

my wizamet, platinum, kcg, gsb all easily last 10 shaves that is better as in the futul.

nitpicking part
Handles have a flat spot meaning not 100% round.

Looks great next to a qshave heavy metal handle

for now my nr1 razor very happy with the snmirn

some jester there is a snmirn trashcan on Amazon Japan


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I got mine for ten bucks and change on Amazon. Surprised about fit and finish and it is a very good razor. Blade alignment is perfect on mine. Below setting 5 is too mild for me. The sweet spot I found was just a tad above setting 6. At 7 +, just a little too much blade feel.

My only real knock is going XTG under my nose due to the head size. Not a big deal. Much better shaver than some of my razors above the $50 mark.
Tried 2, one was uneven (like a slant), returned. The second was uneven, more blade exposure in one side vs other; returned.
They are cheap and inexpensive, still not worth the money.
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