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The smoothest blade on the first shave.

Many of our favorite blades are great after the first shave but are often mediocre for that first one. What blades do you guys think are actually great on that first shave?
To me, a Shark Super Chrome on the first shave
feels as smooth as a Feather on the third shave.

However, I am just fine with most blades.
I don't even know what my least favorite blade is.

I think a Gillette Silver Blue is slightly sharper
than a Shark Super Chrome and almost as smooth.

Ron R

I survived a lathey foreman
Gillette silver blue is awesome on 1st shave or another good one is the Gillette 7oClock SP is another one that is good on 1st shave. Both blades are Sharp & Smoooth with reasonable longevity I have experienced over the years.
There are some blades that have thick polymer (PTFE) coatings that are very smooth on the first shave. However, if you happen to need sharp blades, then you might not like them.

The Personna "Comfort Coated" lab blues have a thick coating. The first shave is quite smooth, but somewhat dull for my coarse beard. After a couple of shaves with the lab blues, they become significantly sharper, but lose some of their smoothness. Generally, I avoid lab blues because they tug so badly on the 1st shave.
#1 Personna Lab Blue (USA)
#2 Gillette Platinum (Blue box, Russia)
#3 Astor Bic Stainless (Red box, Greece)
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I just used a German Wilikinson Sword for the first time in a couple of years and I must say that it puts itself up there among the best first-shave blades. Perhaps even the best among the Wilkinson Sword line. Among the sharpest blades on first use without being even remotely tuggy. My understanding is that it actually shaves better on use 2 and 3, which would put it in my top 3 easy.
Honestly, I can hardly tell a difference between pretty much any razor blade I've used over the years; they all work about the same for me. I don't know how so many of you guys can. I've had good luck with Feathers (my favorites probably because they cost more ;)), Bic Chrome, Astra SP, Derby Extras, Personna Labs, Kais, Voskhod, a variety of Gillette _______, German Wilkinsons, and so on. 3-5 shaves is about the limit for any blade for me with 3-4 being more common than a 5th shave. I have so many blades, I tend to replace them often. Technique with the razor and a proper lather are more important than the blades for me as all of my blades are razor sharp. ;) :001_rolle
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