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The shaving quality of water.

I have very hard water in the region I live in but this neutralized by a water softener.
Besides calcium which makes water hard, depending on the region you live in there might be a lot of other minerals in the water in large quantities compared to other regions.
My lathers are quite consistent no matter the soap (I face lather; the only soap I had difficulties with was Cade but this was solved mysteriously). Even MWF which seems to be a more difficult soap to lots of people doesn't require any other treatment.

But I just spent two weeks in the Provence (France) and the water was very hard there. What a tremendous difference that gives to a shave!
First, the lather is more difficult to obtain, doesn't last as long and the characteristics are definitely inferior and very noticeable.
It was less creamy and wasn't as slick and cushiony.
Moreover, normally I can shave 3 times with a Feather blade and sometimes 4. But now my shaves where less close and the Feathers seemed dull after only two shaves.
I don't know if the minerals/calcium has a direct impact on the blade or if it all relates to the inferior lather.

This week I was using plaster and when I was trying to wash my hands afterwards, I noticed that it was very hard to create a lather from the handsoap.

This makes by believe stronger that the characteristics of the water have a huge impact on the lather and therefore the shave in general.
Ha ! This has to be the reason of all my troubles : the water.

Super hard water here, calcium is colonizing the bathroom everywhere if I don't scrub and dry after every shower.

Indeed I had the feeling that my lather was more efficient during my vacations (soft water). Never figured it could have been due to the water.

I need to try to shave with some mineral drinking water to check.
yep its a well known fact hard water has profound effects on many issues in water usage. Its the Calcium and magnesium in the water. Many people are quick to blame hard water when in fact there are many other things that can degrade your water. Hardness is measured in grains and until you have that figure you really don't know how hard your water really is.
I have to use salt pellets for my water system. Not a big fan though. When taking a shower you just don't feel clean IMO.
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