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The Shaving Cream Racket

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Interesting article. I shudder to think of using only water to shave with my Merkur Slant Bar or Vision (wide open) both loaded with a feather blade. Not to mention not having the pleasure of a well crafted badger brush whipping up copious amounts of fragrant lather.
20 seconds to shave ??? 12 minutes to shave ??? :lol: :lol: :lol:

I get up a few minutes earlier everyday, so I can have plenty time to shave !!! I love taking my time drinking a cup of coffee, listening to the morning news and weather while shaving.

If we used just water, the Selling Section would explode with ads and blow out our bandwidth with creams, soaps, razors and brushes for sale....

I understand about his hate of canned foam, but when he makes reference to Archie's article, I can't understand why he didn't try the real stuff and make a comparison.

He probably drives an electric Yugo and weaves his own clothes too.

Mark the shoeshine boy
mark the shoeshine boy said:
I understand about his hate of canned foam, but when he makes reference to Archie's article, I can't understand why he didn't try the real stuff and make a comparison.

I'd bet the author probably doesn't know the high end stuff even exists. It's not like you see Trumpers in the typical Walmart, Target, super market or drug store aisle (unless that drug store is Pasteurs :wink:), which is where, what, 99% of America buys their shaving products? Before I started frequenting forums like B&B in search of a better way, I thought the "high end" shaving creams were brands like Noxema or Pinaud--cans of foam that cost a few bucks more than the Barbasol/Gillette/Edge crap but were still pretty bad (Noxema, at least; I never used Pinaud, so I'm just assuming).

Which is why we all need to do a better job prostletyzing!
At first you really wonder if this chap is serious (without the benefit of socialized medicine there are people walking the streets that shouldn't be!). Then you read this beauty:
LewRockwell.com said:
But you say: surely if this were true, it would be common knowledge. Not sure. There are many thing that are true – the state is a parasite on society, private property would solve most social problems, rock music is tedious and stupid – but are nonetheless not generally known or applied. The truth that shaving cream is a racket should be added to this.
The real underlying beauty of that article is he sounds like so many of our PSO devotees!:lol:
Yes, it's hard to know whether the writer is serious...or whether he just gets his kicks from being a contrarian. But remember on Shaveblog, when Greenberg goes to a barber who recommends a shave with a blunt disposable?? Is it just possible that there is another path out there, a deeper, darker lore if you will? A lore involving a blunt blade and/or no cream? My mind is boggling, but perhaps this should be put to the test... after I have used up my brand new tub of T&H Ultimate Comfort, of course.

I was with him for the first half of the article.

I started cocking my head to one side when he advocated using just baby oil (I'm thinking zit city in the summer):mad3:

Once he finally took wet-shaving to the extreme (just water and a blade) I sent the mouse to the upper right corner of the window. :eek:

Of course he toned it down a bit by not telling us to go get a block of obsidian and some flints to chip away our daily shaving instrument, so he's not a total barbarian. :thumbup1:

BTW Fuzz, welcome aboard!:biggrin:
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