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The shave helmet.. its a hoax.. luckily

Trust CNN no absolutely not. Mythbusters, Yes who wouldn't. I mean its Mythbusters and they are professionals, right?
this is just a knock off of the Gillette 500 blade vibrating shaving mask-it looks like a hockey mask lined with said blades. You put it on while in the shower, it soaks, soaps (from the proprietary soap disc, 15 USD), shaves and rinses, much like a car wash. This way you waste no time in the am at all. You get 2 weeks of shaves for 30 USD per mask. The soap disc is reloaded every 2 shaves. The mask is disposable and they claim "Green" as it is made from recycled water bottles and tuna fish can lids (they are already pretty sharp you know). They are for sale in limited test markets only. Can't wait for general availability!!
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