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The SCORE! Post your acquisitions here


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Maybe just a little bit! Way off topic but I just nuked my IG account. Something in the new TOS that says I allow them access my contacts, my text messages, my photos, information of any devices near me, anything on my PC if I happen to have IG on that platform, can access my camera and microphone at Will a.k.a. turn them on and off remotely just because! Part of that family... Don’t have the latter and now I don’t have the former! How will I survive?🤣🤣🤣

I knew there was a reason I haven't posted on FBook in years. Don't have any of the other things either.


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Presently....9 month backlog. Sam is in the middle of making lots of gear for a new western coming out. He is truly a busy guy
YOU ARE KIDDING ME! I just finished watching "El Dorado" with John Wayne and Robert Mitchum.

Yes, I will NEVER grow up, and now you know why I will probably never buy anything but revolvers and lever actions!
No romance for me in the other stuff, and if I die because I needed more than 6 rounds I should be killed anyway, lol!
Hit Academy today and scored! They had about (40) 200 round Winchester M193 range packs for $104.37 out the door and thought it a good deal (DE Guns is getting $229.99 for the same, Seriously?!?) so I grabbed three (the limit) and decided that one of them will be shared with someone that needs a few rounds.
range pack.jpg
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