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The SCORE! Post your acquisitions here

Nothing here yet (perfection takes time) but I ordered a Precision Underground suppressor wrap and some proper Tenebreax scope caps...
Well I was supposed to have a B&T Altas 5-H show up for the .338LM yesterday. Getting tired of swaping clamps on the PRS from QD to ARCA Lock plus the 5-H is WAY more stable than the PRS. Tracking shows it listed as "Delivered-Front Door". When I got the text 10 minutes later it wasn't there. Filed a lost package submission immediately and hoping it shows up tomorrow (along with my Tenebraex scope caps). Something about 6 different drivers covering the route Saturday so hopefully they find it quick like or I will not be nice!

P.S. I will give the local Post Office props for calling me back within 10 minutes of my submission for a service request. Me thinks I wasn't the only one having issues yesterday...
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Bit the bullet on a Sightmark Wraith today and I am impressed! I know nothing about NV but the build quality is impressive and I was not expecting an aluminum body and IR illuminator for 499.99! Been in the yard stalking the cats for the last hour or so :lol: and I can actually see the patterns in their coats at 50 yards. While it is a 32x unit things get a bit digitally noisy above 12x but that should be enough to bust hogs out to 200 yards!

Only downside I really see is that I need a pic rail riser to get square behind the scope but Monstrum fixed that for $18.00!